Ukulele Prodigies Has Arrived!

Launch Day Printables (Color Coded Fretboards + Rhythm Exercise)

The first 12 Lessons of Ukulele Prodigies are now live inside our website’s PLAY & TEACH mode, as well as our iOS, Android, Roku & TV apps!

Download Hall versions are coming soon – we just have to run another round of compression before we upload those later today!

We’ve never put this many lessons into a series launch before and we hope you and your kids enjoy it!

Keep in mind – this is just the beginning of this series! The majority of the launch videos are beginner lessons, but lots more songs and more difficult lessons are coming next week and throughout the weeks and months to follow.

We worked quickly through a lot of these edits to get you as much new material for the new school year as possible, which means that you’re likely to find some mistakes here or there!

If you do find some errors, kindly point them out in the comments below and we’ll get in there and touch things up in the coming week or two! We’ve already got a list of obvious tweaks that need to be made, and I’m sure all of you will find some more!

Finally, there are some FREE LAUNCH DAY Printables right at the top of https://prodigies.com/play/ukulele/

We’ll be putting together more printables like the ones above, and the artwork from the videos is transferring nicely over to the what will soon be Ukulele Book 1.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep an eye out for an upcoming Ukulele related giveaway.

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