Which series should I start with?

Exactly which Prodigies series you use most with your kids depends on their previous musical experience, their age, and what instruments you do or don’t have available.

It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but all of the features, series ideas and nuances have come at the request of parents and teachers much like you, so give it a few days of use and you’ll see how it all comes together really nicely.

The articles following this one get into the different age ranges specifically, and below is a quick summary of each series inside of Prodigies.

Totigies – a CD series for Infants & Toddlers featuring child-sung Solfege designed to soothe, inspire and teach your little ones. Learn more at Totigies.com

Playtime Prodigies – NEW mini-series designed to prime toddlers (ages 1-3) for the format and fun in Preschool Prodigies. No instrument required!

Preschool Prodigies – our flagship program for Preschoolers (ages 3-6) has a focus on playing the C Major Deskbells, along with learning to hand-sign with Solfege and sing about colors, letters, numbers and more.

PsP Melodies – short excercises focused on call and response singing with the Solfege hand-signs in the treble clef. Great for kids of all ages, especially when you don’t have an instrument.

Primary Prodigies – designed for the elementary school classroom (ages 6-12), Primary Prodigies focuses on reading properly notated music in the treble clef, reading basic and more complex rhythms, understanding chords and basic chord analysis, and much more. Each section is more thorough than the other series by containing lesson videos, song videos, performance tracks, analysis lessons, listening games and more.  

Performance Prodigies – designed for people of all ages, Performance Prodigies presents the same songs and challenges from Preschool Prodigies and Primary Prodigies, but in a multiple part, Orff ensemble type format. This means that you can have someone(s) playing the bells, someone doing the hand-signs, someone playing the chords, someone singing the lyrics, and someone playing a percussion part, all at the same time. You can use these to further your work within each section of Preschool or Primary Prodigies, or use them as a backing track and scrolling sheet music for your next concert.

Recorder Prodigies – a colorful introduction to the recorder for kids ages 8 and up! Through colorful and easy to read recorder notation, as well as easy to follow lesson videos, your kids will be playing the recorder in no time. We all know that the recorder can be a painful instrument to learn (or to hear your kids learn!), but our simple approach and kid friendly videos will help to save your ears!

Holiday Prodigies – getting ready for a Holiday Performance? Holiday Prodigies takes you through 20 Holiday Classics that you can find inside our Holiday Prodigies songbook. It’s similar to Primary Prodigies in it’s level of scope and difficulty, but it’s exclusively focused on playing 20 popular holiday tunes that you can use at your next winter recital! 

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  1. There is an easier book from 2016 and a more difficult book from 2017. The easier one is pretty C Major friendly whereas the Holiday Prodigies book requires all 20 Deskbells to play the full book.

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