Updated April 21, 2020

ProdigiesMusic.com will pass your username to the Prodigies Music Lessons apps (TV, smartphone, etc).

The reverse however, is not yet active.

In other words, signing up in our app doesn’t activate your membership on ProdigiesMusic.com

We’re working on improving this situation. In the meantime, the simplest fix is to…

  1. Cancel your account in iTunes, Google Play, etc
  2. Use the 21 Day Free Trial sign up at ProdigiesMusic.com
  3. This will reactivate your account in the apps as well as give you access to the website
  4. Email [email protected] if you need a hand

Finally, your website password WILL NOT reset your app password.

You can reset app passwords here:

And you can reset website passwords here

Email [email protected] or call us at (302) 307-1997 if you need a hand. We’re usually in the office M-F 9-5 EST

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