Welcome to Prodigies

3 Steps to Get Started…

1. Reset Your TV/Tablet/Phone App Password Here (Required)

Your Prodigies.com password DOES NOT push to our apps. Please set your app password here.

2. Download & Install the “Prodigies Music Lessons” App (from Roku, Apple (iOS, TV), Android, Android TV, fire TV)

This is the easiest and most friendly way of accessing the video curriculum

3. Reset Your Academy Password (Optional. Alternatively just click “Academy” from ProdigiesMusic.com)

Our Academy is an web-only LMS with more advanced tracking, reporting & distance learning features

  • PLAY area is sorted by series (age and style of video)
  • TEACH area combines all series into a multi-year step-by-step course
  • Enjoy Playtime Prodigies & PsP Melodies while you wait for your bells – these are instrument free series that focus on the Solfege Hand-Signs & call and response rhythm lessons
  • Install Prodigies apps on your TV, phones, tablets, etc (free bell instruments + Netflix esque video app)

Using ProdigiesMusic.com

The TEACH Mode

  • Each week consists of an Activator, a Lesson, a Performance & an Extension
  • Designed for ~45 minute classes
  • More guidance, checklists and materials

Using the App

Don’t have an instrument yet?

Learn All 8 Hand-Signs in this Important Lesson

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Prodigies”

    1. You should have received email instructions for the app login and the welcome page, but there’s not any physical mail associated with the 13.39/month membership or free trial.

      You can find physical goods like books, bells & instruments at ProdigiesMusic.com/shop.

  1. How do we sign into piano lessons? We stumbled on the first lesson and loved it. Don’t know how to get there again. How do multiple family members take the lessons?

  2. That’s odd – maybe it’s your browser auto-completing your information? Nothing on our end would do that.

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