Hey everyone,

Mr. Rob here with an update on bell shipments! Long story short, bells are one or two weeks behind schedule right now.

We promised a late January to mid-February delivery, but unfortunately, the bells are still held up in port.

When we ordered the bells on October 10th, the factory estimated a January 4th arrival. We estimated Jan. 31 to play it safe.

Here it is, February 8th, and the bells are STILL stuck in port. When they arrive to port, normally it’s a 2-3 day process to get them out of there and on their way to us.

Due to COVID induced staff shortages however, the port is extremely congested and now weeks behind schedule.

So if you’re wondering, “when will the bells arrive to me?” — hopefully in the 3rd week of February.

For some folks, this is just a week, maybe a 2 week, delay. For others, it’s been a month or two since you pre-ordered and we apologize for the hold-up.

Shipping this year with COVID has been wildly unpredictable and we’re currently waiting on 4 bell shipments like this one from factory orders we place in October, November, December and January. We’re hoping this means we’ll finally get ahead of the bell shipping problem this spring or early summer, but it’s largely out of our control when it’s stuck in port.

If you need a hand with anything, please reach out to us a [email protected]. We can set you up with a refund, or if you have an urgent birthday coming up, please let us know and we’ll do what we can with the few backup sets we have on hand.

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