Xlyo Kit – A Super Affordable Way to Start Prodigies

Streaming Curriculum Plus a Super Affordable Xylophone Makes for a Cost-Effective Music Education

One of the most common complaints we get here at Prodigies is that “the Deskbells are too expensive.”

And while the Deskbells are worth every penny, shelling out $70 for an instrument can be a bit on the pricey side for people.

Enter the C Major Resonator Xylophone, which is colored-coded to match our curriculum within Prodigies so your child can follow along with over 600+ music lessons!

This smaller & softer-sounding instrument is more affordable than (and arguably just as effective as) the Deskbells! Because it’s a mallet instrument, it’s actually a bit harder to play as it requires the coordination of early mallet technique, but this is often more appealing to older kids looking for that challenge.

So if you’re looking for a super affordable music education, we suggest that you

  1. Grab a C Major Resonator Xylophone from our Shop ($42-$50)
  2. Sign up for Prodigies to Stream 30 Days Free (then $12.99/mo) of all 600+ Colorful Music Lessons.

C Major Resonator Xylophone

Complete with a durable carrying case, the C Major Resonator Bells are an excellent addition to your music room.

Prodigies Music Lessons

600+ Music Lessons & Songs for Kids 2-12. Includes All Printable Curriculum. Recommended for Families & Homeschoolers