10 Reasons To Enroll In Prodigies This January

10 Reasons to Enroll in Prodigies this January

Mr. Rob

Our first major Enrollment Special for 2023 has arrived, and today we’re sharing 10 Reasons to enroll in Prodigies this January! 

1. NEW More Advanced Lessons in Level 2, Chapter 3: CHORDS

The hardest lessons in Prodigies right now are geared toward elementary school students ready to learn about intervals while playing songs like “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” and “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

For 2023, we’re pushing the upper difficulties of the program with a NEW CHAPTER inside of Level 2, Chapter 3: Chords!

In the first song, we cover the 7 chords in C Major (I ii iii IV V vi vii°) by playing them harmonically and then singing them melodically.

We’re editing, animating and filming new lessons for the Chords chapter right now, so stay tuned for more lessons, extensions and listening games coming soon!

2. 100 Ultimate Kits at a Special Price

We have 100 Ultimate Kits ready to ship for Winter Enrollment this January and we’re bringing the price down as low as we can for these 100 kits.

The Ultimate Kit combines our Lifetime Membership with ALL 20 Prodigies Bells, ALL of our Curriculum Workbooks, the Top 5 Prodigies Songbooks and additional bonuses like posters, piano-stick ons and a recorder.

You can find the Ultimate Kit here, and you can save an additional 10% at checkout with coupon WINTER23.

3. NEW Games for Members

With Prodigies 7.0 comes a bunch of NEW games that we’ve been building to help enhance the experience for all of our users.

The games include listening games to test your knowledge of notes and intervals, matching games to help reinforce music theory and some fun action heavy games featuring the Prodigies bells.

These games are becoming a bigger focus for us in 2023 in hopes of creating more interactive learning experiences for kids learning music with Prodigies.

4. Prodigies 7.0 Coming Soon 

Every year or so we release a major change to our platform, and we’re excited to be working on our next major update.

Prodigies 7.0 is going to be an especially exciting update here in 2023 and if all goes according to plan, users can look forward to:

  • a more streamlined login experience that unifies our members area and our shop with a single login
  • a new and improved members area for sheet music, games and resources
  • significant  improvements to the digital bells

We don’t have a time frame for this just yet, but we’re working on it now and we should have some significant progress to share before the Spring.


5. Resonator Bells are Back in Stock

Though we’re running low on C Major Deskbells, we’re thrilled to announce that C Major Resonator Xylophones will begin shipping here in late January.

Supply chain issues continue to plague small businesses everywhere and we’re trying more and more to develop and promote our digital music lessons and our colorful sheet music library. 

But that said, after many months delay, Resonator Bells ARE in stock and shipping out.

Plus, we are the ONLY online store to carry these types of xylophones in the Boomwhacker/Chromanotes colors, and if you’re looking for bulk options, don’t miss out on the Case of 10 which includes some extra discounts.


6. NEW Podcast for on the go music lessons

When you enroll in Prodigies, you unlock hundreds of colorful video music lessons for kids ages 0-12. We pour our hearts and souls into making our video lessons and we’ve become known for our fun lessons like Sweet Beets and Snow Day.

But as every parent knows, balancing screen-time with kids can be tough. And furthermore, sometimes as a parent, you just don’t have the energy to get the bells, get the iPad and set up your kid for some musical fun.

Enter our NEW Podcast: Prodigies Music Lesson Show for Kids!

It’s a weekly pod we’re doing that features Mr. Rob and Mr. Michael. It’s the perfect way to keep reinforcing your child’s love and learning of music when you’re looking for an audio-only activity.

Our little Prodigies family is becoming more and more aware of the benefits of story telling and music WITHOUT a visual. Again — we LOVE making videos, but with audio, your children’s imaginations have to work a little bit harder to fill in the gaps, which is something we often miss out on in today’s modern world.

So with the podcast, you can grab a little slice of music lessons AWAY from your screen and keep up the habit of singing with Solfege on the radio and in the car.

7. NEW Movable Do Performance Tracks in A Major and D Major

One of the biggest curriculum requests we get is is for colorful performance tracks in A Major and D Major.

Currently, most of our Performance Tracks are in C, F or G Major (as well A minor, D minor, etc.).

But for folks teaching Bb or Eb instruments, or for vocal teachers looking for more D Major activities, these new performance tracks will help bring the fun and easy-readability of Prodigies into the orchestra classroom.

8. The Cognitive Benefits of Playing an Instrument

One thing we don’t talk about enough here at Prodigies is the wide range of social, emotional and cognitive benefits to playing a musical instrument.

9. Mobile and TV App Updates

A new and improved version of our streaming apps is now available on iOS and Android. If you have automatic updates on, you’re probably rocking and rolling already. If not though, swing into your favorite app store and get that Prodigies update!

10. NEW Spanish, Gospel, Black History and Spooky Songbook PDFs inside Prodigies Plus and Prodigies Lifetime

Finally, we created 4 incredible new songbooks in 2022: our Gospel Songbook, our Songs of Celebrated Black Composers, our Spooky Songbook and our first ever Spanish language songbook, Libro de Canciones Infantiles.

This is part of an effort to expand our catalog from classical music and beginner pedagogy into more culturally diverse and niche song selections.

We’re thrilled with how these songbooks came out and you can find them inside the Resources area of Prodigies.

BONUS: Help our team attend TMEA 2023

They say everything is bigger in Texas and in the world of music education, that’s arguably even MORE true.

That’s why every year, we make the trip to San Antonio for a one-of-a-kind conference at TMEA. It’s great for meeting teachers, other vendors and for some team building. 

Prodigies is a small family company and when you enroll, you not only do A LOT for your child’s education, but you do a lot to support our team and our continued work here at Young Music LLC, to which we say THANK YOU and HAPPY MUSICING!!!