10 Reasons to Enroll in Prodigies This January

Our first major Enrollment Special for the Prodigies Music Program is happening here at the end of January, and today we’re sharing 10 Reasons to check out Prodigies Courses and Instrument Pre-Orders THIS WEEK!

1. Last Chance for $597 Prodigies Lifetime & $997 Ultimate Kits

With the introduction of new videos, programs and PDFs to Prodigies, we’re coming up on our next Prodigies Lifetime price increase.

More specifically though, we’ve been HEAVILY discounting our Lifetime Membership & Ultimate Kit since COVID began in March of 2020. We wanted the program to be that much more accessible, but it’s been a long time of trying to maintain these lower prices points and we’re ready for some normalcy again.

If you want to score a Lifetime Membership or an Ultimate Kit at these special prices, check them out before January 31st!

2. Individual Courses Now Available

As we add more and more content to each of the Prodigies Series (Music, Recorder, Ukulele, Piano) we’re going to start offering the courses for individual sale.

We hear from some teachers who really want just Recorder Prodigies, and we hear from A LOT of toddler-moms that they really want just Playtime Prodigies.

While we’ll continue to have the full Prodigies Music Curriculum available in all its holistic glory through our monthly or yearly subscription, we’ve finally introduced Lifetime Passes to the individual courses.

3. New Piano, Recorder & General Music Lessons

The last two years of production here at Prodigies was focused largely on more creating more difficult Performance Tracks for weekly #MusicMonday releases.

This year, we’re putting a heavy emphasis on Mr. Rob videos for General Music & Piano Prodigies, as well as introducing a new Chief Recorder Prodigy Mr. Michael to bolster Recorder Prodigies.

You can find new videos right at the top of the catalog page, and we’ll be coming with your way with 1-3 videos every week of 2022.

4. NEW Teacher Mr. Michael

We’re also introducing more teachers to the Prodigies program, starting with our long-time team meber Mr. Michael.

Michael is an incredible recorder player who you’ve heard throughout Recorder Prodigies (the theme music, performance tracks, etc) and we’re thrilled to have him on camera at long last. His on screen demeanor is great and we can’t wait to get into more specificand difficult recorder techniques with his guidance.

5. Bells Shipping Soon

These supply chain delays have been brutal for us as a small business and I think we’re ALMOST to the other side. The Bells we ordered last August are supposed to arrive late February and so it feels like maybe we’re close to being able to ship bells again.

After such a busy year last year, we more than doubled our typical Deskbell order size. We thought we’d have them before Christmas and instead, we’ll be lucky to have them for Valentines Day.

On the plus side, Resonator Bells are already stateside and en route to us, so it seems like shipments are getting through, just verrry slowly.

6. 20 Bell Website Instrument Coming Soon

If you’re familiar with Prodigies Play, you’ve no doubt seen our 8 Bell Instrument on the website.

We’ve been working on a 20 Bell version for some time now and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s almost ready for the site!

It’ll be specifically usable on more difficult videos like Rhapsody in Blue, Love Will Find a Way and more

7. The Cognitive Benefits of Playing an Instrument

School closures, remote learning & social distancing has left most of us pretty weary and dareIsay uninspired.

So if you’re looking for a cognitive lift for you or your kids, learning the language of music is has a ton of cognitive benefits.

There’s also a ton of social & emotional benefits as well

8. Special Text Coupon at Shop.Prodigies.com

The discount game is real and you can even more savings with a 10% off SMS coupon at Shop.Prodigies.com.

If it’s not showing up for you, we suggest trying it from your phone where the alert seems to be a lot more reliable for some crazy technical reasons (it is SMS afterall).

9. Mobile and TV App Updates

A new and improved version of our streaming apps is now available on iOS and Android. If you have automatic updates on, you’re probably rocking and rolling already. If not though, swing into your favorite app store and get that Prodigies update!

Inside you’ll find new videos (obvi), a better UI (sweeeeet), and the much awaited “Continue Watching” feature!!

10. US Printed Books (without Jeff Bezos)

This year, all of our books are coming from another Delaware business that we’re thrilled to be working with!

For years we’ve leaned on Amazons printing department, but we’ve been itching for a spiral bound option which Amazon never had.

You can check out the nexbooks inside the Shop and Save 33% with code BOOKWORM through January 21st!

BONUS: Support a Small Business During a Crazy Year

The Young Music family just got a little bigger with Baby Louisa Violet Young making her debut on 1/1/22.

Mr. Rob and Ms. Sam had been planning a homebirth and we’re thrilled to share that it went super well! They’ve been enjoying the early baby feels and Lil is turning out to be an amazing big sister!

Baby bliss aside, port delays on Deskbells has put Prodigies under a lot of stress (right when we thought we’d be selling and shipping our biggest shipment of bells to date).

So it seems like a good a time as any to remind you that shopping with Prodigies supports a small family business and allows our team to continue pumping out music lessons for you and your kids.

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  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family! You guys have been a blessing to ours. I can’t stress enough how grateful we are for your music program and the difference it’s made for our kids. Plus y’all are a couple goofy parents like ourselves that we can relate to as we embark on this musical journey with our kids together. Thank you for your authenticity, and the joy you bring to this world.

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