Artsythursday 14 Diy Musical Instruments

#ArtsyThursday: 14 DIY Musical Instruments

Mr. Rob

In celebration of the Week of the Young Child and #ArtsyThursday, discover 14 creative & musical craft ideas for making your own instruments!

1. Wacky Guitar Craft

I am absolutely in love with this DIY guitar that was an original idea from my friend Lauren Runion, owner of Yellowbobbypins Art Camp!Lauren is inspiring young artists in Greenville, South Carolina through weekly art classes and summer camps. She has so many awesome and fresh ideas!Every time I go to her studio I think, “Wow! I never would have thought of that!” If you’re ever in Greenville, sign up your child for one of her art classes because I guarantee that they will have a blast.Until then, try making this guitar with your kiddos:

You will need…

White cardboard or foam board
Ribbon or yarn
4 Small Cardboard Pieces:
Sizes: 1 in (W) by 3.5 in (H) – Bridge
2.5 in (W) by 3 in (H) – Headstock
3 in (W) by 2 in (H) – Bridge
1 1/4 in (W) by 14 in (H) – Fret board
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Various craft supplies for decorating guitar (your preference)

Good luck making your guitars everyone and make sure to check out the video up top for the step-by-step instructions!

2. Can Drums

via It’s Always Autumn

Bang! Bang! Bang! Your kiddos can practice keeping a steady beat on their very own drum! Have them practice keeping different beats along with a variety of songs. Check out It’s Always Autumn for a great drum tutorial!

3. Rainbow Tambourine

Kids love shaking anything that makes noise, so these tambourines are sure to keep them busy! Add some decoration to the front and back along with some bells, and they’ll be all set for some musical fun.

Kids Craft Room has a fun rainbow tambourine your kids will love!

As with every instrument with tiny pieces, be sure to supervise your child during the construction and play with this instrument. 🙂

4. Egg Maracas

These egg shakers from Made Everyday are so fun that you will want to make a whole bunch of them! This would make a neat Easter activity as well!

5. Rain Sticks

Depending on what you put inside your rain stick, you can make your instrument sound as loud or as quiet as you want! It can be super loud like a rainstorm or as soft and soothing as a gentle rain. The Mad House has a bright and colorful rain stick that is decorated with washi tape. Have fun creating your own rainstorm!

6. Rhythm Shaker

Fill up a bottle with lots of colorful beads and add some streamers to the lid! You will have a super colorful shaker that’s ready for your next jam session! Check out the rainbow musical shaker from Kids Craft Room!

7. Hand Drum

Anyone can play this instrument! Just place the drum between your palms and spin! Take a few minutes on Moms & Crafters page for some ideas!

8. Towel Tube Kazoos

Aren’t these kazoos from Today’s Parent adorable?! Not only will kids enjoy making their very own kazoo, but they will also have a blast with all the funny noises this little instrument creates!

9. Microphone

Your kiddo can be their own rock star with this super awesome DIY microphone! Set up a stage and shine the spotlight on your little performer, and they will entertain you for hours! This glowing rock star microphone from I Heart Crafty Things is perfect!

10. Painted Stick Instrument

Send your children out on a nature hunt for sticks and then have them make this awesome instrument! Use shells like Red Ted Art used for their instrument, or use beads instead!

11. Water Xylophone

This instrument from Pars Caeli also doubles as a science experiment! Just fill some glasses with different amounts of water, and you’ll be ready to experiment with various sounds!

12. Straw Flute

One of my favorite instruments is the pan flute, so I thought this flute made out of straws was super creative. Check out Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational and try it with your kiddos!

13. Thumb Piano

Can you really play piano with just your thumbs? Yes! If you have some spare bobby pins lying around the house, you can easily make this instrument! For simple step-by-step directions, follow the YouTube tutorial from Thrifty Fun!

14. Monster Castanets

With some cardboard and bottle caps, you can create these adorable monster castanets! Head on over to Krokotak for step-by-step instructions!

Enjoy creating your very own instruments with the kiddos, and as always, happy musicing!