August 1st Price Increases

August 1st Price Increases

Mr. Rob

Today we’re announcing some price increases coming on August 1st, 2022.

Over the last two years, the cost of manufacturing bells and books has gone up substantially, and more recently, the cost of pretty much everything (shipping, boxes, storage etc) has gone up as well.

So after keeping our prices as low as possible for most of 2020, 2021 and 2022, we’re finally introducing some site-wide price increases on August 1st.


Currently, our C Major Deskbells cost $62.50 (includes U.S. Shipping).

This is already a better deal than most other sites AND if you join our VIP SMS list, you can Save another 10% on Deskbells making them a much better deal than Amazon or any other store online.

We’ll be keeping our Deskbell prices competitive, and we’ll be keeping them SUPER competitive within all of our Bundles, but individual sets of Deskbells without a membership or bundle will see a 5-10% price increase on August 1st.

If you’re interested in Bells before August, make sure to check them out for the best prices of the season.


We’ve tried to keep our colorful sheet music books as affordable as possible for years, but it’s hard to compete with Amazon books and books printed in China.

Furthermore, when we go to tradeshows like TMEA, every sheet music book and method book are $10-$15 MORE than our books, and most of them are 100% black and white, where ours are 100% color.

We’re proud of printing our books locally here in Delaware, and we’re proud to have the most colorful music method books on the planet, but because of increased costs from our printers we are increasing books prices by 10% August 1st.

Monthly/Yearly Membership

Since COVID began, we’ve been pricing our Monthly Membership to look/and feel like a kid-friendly app in the range of $12.99 a month.

In reality, our program is not a silly drag and drop game for kids — it’s a step by step curriculum that let’s parents and teachers give their kids an incredible music education.

As such, we’re making some adjustments to our plans and pricing for our main digital membership. Our current all access monthly pass that’s $12.99 will be going up to $14.99 for new members on August 1st.

Lifetime Membership

This July, we’ve added NEW MP3 Downloads to the Lifetime Membership to help Lifetime Members vary up their practice with more audio files and a little less screen time.

On top of that, we’re working on some limited MP4 Performance Packs to give Lifetime Members a small library of offline videos to use in rehearsals and performances.

And even though we’re adding these awesome features, we are not yet increasing the price of Prodigies Lifetime! 

Ultimate Kit Changes

Our Best-Selling Ultimate Kit has always included ALL of our original workbooks and materials, but we’re finding that it’s simply too much for some folks (both in the price and in the amount of materials they receive).

So to keep the price of the Ultimate Kit reasonable, and because our library of books is growing bigger every year, we’re adjusting the Ultimate Kit to include our core curriculum material only.

You can see exactly what’s included and learn more about our best selling bundle here.

On top of that, we’re introducing…

  • Ultimate Kit Lite —  Lifetime Membership + All 20 Deskbells
  • Ultimate Kit Plus — Lifetime + 20 Deskbells + ALL Books + Bonus Instruments

Still Not Sure Where to Begin? Try Your First Month for Just $0.99 

We’re thrilled to announce you can now enroll in your first month of Prodigies for less than a dollar!

You can enroll in your first month for just a dollar by clicking this special link…

or you can add our core Prodigies Deskbells to your order by clicking here.