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Mr. Rob

We’re thrilled to FINALLY announce a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Update to the Prodigies Index at:

The NEW Index boasts some serious improvements including…

  • NEW Filters for sorting by difficulty, instrument, # of notes, core concepts, note selection, more
  • NEW Cover Art more in-line with our updated Course Progressions
  • NEW Workbooks for Level 1A and 1B inside the Resources Area (as well as tons of updated resources and sheet music)

And while we love all of our updates equally, the Filters are SUPER EXCITING when it comes to making Prodigies easier to use for your kids!

With my daughter Lil, I tend to use the 2 note and 3 note filters to quickly pull up easy videos I know she’ll ace. Then she can pick from those and they’ll all be her speed.

Core Concept is another powerful new filter that makes it easy to…

We’ve also spent a lot of time working on tagging the videos by Core Concept. This makes it easier to…

  • reinforce rhythms by looking for Steady Beat
  • find repeat-after-me songs using Echo
  • practice some higher singing with Falsetto
  • work on your Do Mi Sols with Chords/Arpreggios
  • explore different Song Forms & more!

In cataloging all of our videos, we’ve also learned what areas we need more videos for, and so we’re working hard on NEW RELEASES for movement, piano, dynamics and music history.

That means a spring, summer and fall full of new videos from me, Sam and Lil, and you can always drop by the Index to find the FULL list of Prodigies videos at

and always, #HappyMusicing!

– Mr. Rob