10 Reasons to Shop Christmas in July

Mr. Rob

Our Christmas in July Event is in full swing from now through July 31st!

We’ve got new songbooks, an important August 1st price increase coming, a special resonator bell preorder and more in our 10 Reasons to Shop Christmas in July.

1. Resonator Bell Preorder Special

We’re stocking up on Resonator Bells for the upcoming Holiday Season (after our first shipment of 2022 sold surprisingly fast).

Which means if you’d like to get in on the next round of Resonator Bells shipping this November, NOW is the time to order.

Bells will arrive with plenty of time for Christmas and you can preorder the Resonator Bells here with special pricing through July 31st!

2. August 1st Price Increase

Because of inflation and the increased cost of goods and shipping, our shop will see a 5-10% price increase on August 1st. This generally means at $2-6 price increase on most of our products is coming at the end of this month.

But before August arrives, we’re running Christmas in July Specials on our current pricing, including – –

Take advantage of the deals above before August 1st!

3. NEW “Gospel Songbook” Shipping August 1st

We’ve been working hard on our first Gospel Songbook featuring tons of requests from our community. It’s shaping up to include 20 songs — 10 Old Testament inspired songs and 10 more contemporary arrangements as well.

These are some of our most fan-requested songs and we did our best to find the songs that we could easily publish (i.e. public domain) with arrangements that could easily be approached on 8 or 20 Deskbell setups.

Now, we understand that religious music is not taught in most public schools, and we’re proud to offer secular a core curriculum inside of Prodigies Music Level 1 & 2. K-5 Schools are often better served by our more robust, standards driven curriculum inside of Prodigies Academy, where teachers can easily enable and disable whatever they want their kids to have access to.

But here at Young Music, we’re always celebrating and publishing music from all cultures and faiths. This Spring we released Shabbat Shalom alongside Christ Has Risen, and we tackled our first round of Spanish songs with Buenos Dias, El Jarabe Tapatio, and La Cucaracha.

And with this Gospel Songbook, we’re excited to finally arrange some of our favorite Christian songs into one awesome book.

You can learn more about our Gospel Songbook here and preorder your copy today!

4. NEW “Songs of Celebrated Black Composers” Songbook Shipping Now

In working to make a more socially representative curriculum, we put a lot of love into a brand new songbook, “Songs Celebrating Black Composers.”

In this book, we present a dozen songs by celebrated Black composers in our colorful and Solfege filled style. As we were educating ourselves on these compositions, we compiled some surprising historical context for each, and we’re excited to have made that part of the book.

When we launched the first half of this book as a free download in February, we were blown away by the positive response. Since then, we’ve been chipping away at more songs by Black Composers to help balance out our music curriculum which is largely in the European tradition of songs and styles.

The challenge with selecting songs for our songbooks are finding tunes that are public domain (written before 1925 give or take) and tunes that are family and classroom friendly.

Hopefully we rose to the challenge here and built out a volume that is historically insightful and musically exciting.

You can learn more and order your songbook here!

5. NEW MP3 Downloads for Prodigies Lifetime

We’re thrilled to bringing a fresh pack of MP3 downloads for the entire Prodigies Music Curriculum.

Lifetime Members can now download .zips which include MP3s for each chapters worth of lessons, songs & performance tracks.

This way, if you’re trying to get away from the screen for a bit or otherwise trying to rehearse with just the audio, there’s an easy way to simply download all the curriculum MP3s. 

This is only available for Lifetime Members and we hope you all make great use of this new resource!

6. NEW MP4 Pack for Lifetime Members

In hopes of setting up our Teachers for continued success with Prodigies, we’re adding a limited amount of MP4 Downloads to Lifetime Member Level Resources.

The Performance MP4 Pack includes our most popular and progression-suggested recital pieces and performance tracks for offline use. This way you can use these videos offline for easier practice and smoother recitals.

Again, this is available specifically to Lifetime Members — enjoy!! 

7. Limited Quantity of Chromatic Deskbells & Ultimate Kits Before Backorder Begins for Late August

The next shipment of Chromatic Deskbells is set to arrive late August which means there’s only a handful of Ultimate Kits & 20 Deskbell Bundles shipping these next 4 weeks.

Plus, schools, districts & co-ops are scooping up instruments like crazy for the Back to School Season, and you can check out our Bulk Instrument options here before they dissapear!

8. NEW “First Month” Offer for Just $0.99

Still not sure where to begin?

You can enroll in your first month for just a dollar by clicking this special link… (Available until Julu 31st 2022)

or you can add our core Prodigies Deskbells to your order by clicking here.


9. NEW Videos — Revamped Favorites, New Concepts & Fresh Songs

Normally we release new episodes every Monday here at Prodigies, but since we’ve been heavily focused on the songbooks mentioned above, we’ve been a little bit slow with the videos.

With Book season almost behind us, we’re looking forward to new weekly video releases for September and beyond.

The latest video coming to Prodigies is a revamp of one of our earliest and most popular lessons, the Pipes in C Major. This version includes the Solfege Hand Signs, it’s easier to see exactly when to play the bells, and the footage and delivery from Mr. Rob is 6 years more experienced which we think shows big time!

Keep an eye out for this release coming soon to Prodigies as well as more weekly video releases to start coming out this Fall!

10. VIP Text List w Extra 10% Off Coupon, Easy 1 to 1 Communication & Special Updates

It’s been one year since we introduced our SMS service and it’s still one of the best ways to score a quick discount AND get support and updates about your order.

It’s fast, it’s easy and maybe most importantly, it’s SUPER EASY to opt out. No more looking for unsubscribe links or trying to get off 3 different email lists — it’s just as simple as replying STOP and that’s it.

The fastest way to join the text list is to look around the website for a pop up or a 10% Off Button floating around.

Happy Christmas in July!

Have a great week and make sure to drop by the Prodigies Shop for Savings BEFORE END OF DAY JULY 31st!