Looking for more Ukulele Practice?

We’re working on more songs and lessons for Ukulele Prodigies!

In fact, we just posted a brand-new tab video for Five Little Pumpkins!!

But, if you find yourself waiting for more practice material, we’ve got some suggestions on where to go next.

We’re working hard on more videos, but they take time to edit and animate and we know many of you are waiting for more!

In most of our series, the song videos are the easy ones for our team to make, but the Ukulele songs are a bit more complex due to the fretboard animations, the addition of tablature, and the fact that we’re remaking everything to be more readable and 4k friendly.)

More Ukulele Practice Ideas

While you’re waiting for more videos, below are some suggested resources inside of Prodigies that will work well with what you’ve learned so far in Ukulele Prodigies.

You can…

These videos aren’t specifically arranged with Ukulele Chords and tabs, so they’re not quite as Uke-friendly, but they’re easy to work with assuming you’ve made it through the current run of 18 videos inside of Ukulele Prodigies.

Have a great week and keep an eye out for more Ukulele lessons and songs soon!

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  1. Margaret McGuckin

    Mr. Rob,

    How I wish you could adapt your programs for use in Nursing homes. Same skills would greatly

    add another dimension to their long days using your visuals.



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