Music Lessons With Infants

Music Lessons with Infants (Ages 0-1)

Mr. Rob

If you’re looking to jumpstart your baby’s musical development, Prodigies can help.

Even before babies are born, you can begin developing their love of music by playing classical music for mommy. Use headphones or play music near mommy’s belly to make sure they’re born into a musical environment.

Prodigies Curriculum to Use with Infants

If you’re enrolled in Prodigies, we recommend using Totigies & Playtime Prodigies with your infants!

Totigies is a Solfege rich listening series to help prime prenatal babies and infants for a life full of music. Totigies has a lullaby feel and is full of soothing and simple tracks for babies. As babies grow up, hand-signing and singing along with these tracks will provide meaningful exposure to pitch, and serve as a great introduction to the Prodigies method.

Totigies Vol1

Then in Playtime Prodigies, we have fun and easy music lessons that infants will enjoy watching! These simple videos give children a chance to sing, hand-sign and play along with simple bell songs and fun rhythm exercises.

Playtime Season 1

Instruments We Recommend for Babies & Infants

For infants, any kind of music makers (rattles, shakers, etc.) will help infants practice cause and effect. You’ll be delighted to watch they’re reactions as they explore the sounds all around them.

Beyond that, the C Major Deskbells are a great instrument for infants, so long as there’s some parent supervision. We kept a few around the house–a few on the changing table, a few in the kitchen, and some in her bedroom. We played the same bells during the same times, to help her differentiate the sound of each note and make changing time more fun! And who doesn’t love a good dinner bell, am I right?

The Deskbells are durable and easy to play and they allow infants & toddlers to receive meaningful and memorable play with pitch during their critical period for auditory development. You can play the bells with your baby and encourage him or her to sing and play along.

C Major Deskbells

Key Concepts to Focus on with Infants

With infants and toddlers, you want to focus on giving them three types of musical exposure.

Free Play

All kids learn through play, and simply having musical instruments & activities around the home or classroom is the first step to activating your child’s sense for musical wonder

Meaningful Exposure to Individual Notes

This is the important and powerful idea of letting children explore one note at a time with bells, Boomwhackers or other instruments that let you focus on a single note. This is a foundational element of all Prodigies materials, especially for young kids.

High Information Music

Letting kids listen to complicated music (jazz, classical, north Indian, improv, etc.) will help expand their idea for what’s possible for music. For a great High Information Music app, check out Nuryl.

Learn how to jumpstart your child’s musical journey and help them sing more in tune, understand music & play their first instrument.