Youtube Covers 2023 Prodigies Music 60 Minute Compilation 2023

NEW 60 Minute YouTube Collection Celebrating 100,000 YouTube Subscribers!

Mr. Rob

We’re celebrating 100,000 YouTube subscribers with a new 60 minute music lesson collection!

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Learn all about music and singing with solfege with Mr Rob! Get ready to play some sweet beets, to hand-sign with Do Re Mi and Mary Had a Little Lamb, to sing a silly songs about a firetruck, to dance with the Tooty Ta, play at our campsite and learn to sing in tune and on beat with this super fun compilation of kids music lessons from Prodigies!

Mr Rob is a real music teacher who incorporates key preschool and elementary music skills into every lesson. This episode is packed with learning and fun nursery rhymes and kids songs and solfege and rhythm lessons and exercises. Our curriculum leans on perfect pitch training ideas and music education concepts from Kodaly, Orff, Taneda and more.

Songs featured include: Sweet Beets, Campfire Song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Firetruck, Tooty Ta, Buenos Dias, C Major Scale with the Pipes in C Major, Solfege Melodies, What Note Is It & Gently Sleep on the Recorder.

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After watching this music lesson, your child may be able to:

Tap a steady beat
Sing “Buenos Dias”
Sing the C Major scale with colors
Sing and dance with echo movements
Hand-sign with Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do
Listen for notes C D and E
Tap and clap with Ta Ta TiTi Ta
Play the Gently Sleep on the recorder with GAB

Mr Rob teaches some social emotional skills when talking about the way the musical notes make us feel. They can make us feel grounded, rising, peaceful, inspired, grand, sad and even piercing! Mr Rob modeled how to hand-sign with these notes and sing the pattern from low to high.

We know you’ll love this video with Beet, Cherry, our Sweet Beets Virtual Choir, and so much more! Music is so powerful for preschoolers to learn about during the “critical period for auditory development”! They might even develop memorized pitch, absolute pitch, relative pitch, or perfect pitch. These lessons are also great for toddlers, kids and kindergartners who love music, colors, numbers, and singing! We know you’ll love our educational videos for kids.

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