New Features Coming To Prodigies Lifetime

New Features Coming to Prodigies Lifetime! (June 2022)

Mr. Rob

June has been all about updating and improving the Prodigies Music Curriculum and we’re excited about some new features coming to Prodigies Lifetime this week!

NEW: MP3 Files for Lifetime Members

Next week, we’ll be adding a brand-new MP3 Download Hall where Lifetime Members can download the audio versions of ALL of our music lessons!

This way you can go screen free for centers, rehearsals or concerts, but still get the benefit of the backing track and the teacher guidance from our videos.

All the MP3s have been created and organized and you’ll be able to find them in the Resources area of Prodigies early next week!

NEW: 25 MP4 Downloads in a new “Performance Pack” for Lifetime Members

In early July, we’ll be adding another download pack to Prodigies Lifetime that includes 25 video MP4s of our best Performance Tracks!

This new MP4 Performance Pack will give Lifetime Members offline versions of our best Performance Tracks to help make rehearsals and performances as smooth as possible.

NEW 20 Bell Instrument on Prodigies Play

If you’ve been using our curriculum on the web, you’ve likely run into the playable set of C Major Bells on the website.

Well get ready for a bunch more notes, because we just introduced a web version of all 20 Deskbells (from A3 to E5).

You can find the new instrument on Chromatic videos like the Chromatic Climb and we’ll be adding it to all the videos not in C Major over the next few days.

These are just a few of the updates we have planned for this summer and for Prodigies 6.0.