New Free 52 Minute Song Lesson Collection

Free 52 Minute Song & Lesson Collection

Mr. Rob

With so many kids at home from school, we put together a free collection of video lessons & songs to help keep everyone educated and entertained!

We hope that you and your family are healthy & safe during this difficult time.

0:00 Welcome with Mr. Rob
1:00 Sweet Beets w Beet & Shh (Quarter & Rest)
6:26 Campfire Song (Do Re Mi Solfege Hand-Signs)
13:55 Short & Long Stars (C – Red Note – Do)
17:55 Hello C w/ Ms. Sam (Treble Clef – Middle C)
21:34 Snow Day (Winter Rhythms)
28:15 Melodies #8 (Solfege Hand-Signs w Sol La Sol Fa Mi Re Do)
31:03 Get Your Instrument Out!!
31:51 Hot Cross Buns (Do Re Mi)
35:19 Baby Shark (Easy w Do Re Mi Fa)
39:11 Jingle Bells (Solfege Hand-Signs w Do Re Mi Fa Sol)
43:41 Jingle Bells (Karaoke Sheet Music Track)
45:29 More about the Prodigies Music Curriculum
46:39 Baby Shark (Harder with Sheet Music)
51:49 Cya Later w Mr. Rob
52:19 Practice Makes Prodigies Promo