Prodigies Around The World

Prodigies Around the World

Mr. Rob

Music Instruction for Children

Africa, Turkey, Australia, and America… Prodigies is having far-reaching effects on many different parts of the world! The lives of thousands of children in 40 different countries are being invested in with our music curriculum!

Through the use of chromatic desk bells and engaging music videos, children of all ages are learning to sing, sign, and play through meaningful exposure to pitch. Prodigies features over 250 videos which encompasses Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies, and Holiday Prodigies.

These along with full-color workbooks and songbooks are developing early musical ability in our young musicians! On top of that, we are also adding tons of new performance tracks to the playground this week and are constantly working on new content and fresh ideas! Take a few minutes to see Prodigies in action in these awesome schools!

Here’s a Prodigies class in action in Turkey!

As you can see, Prodigies is literally shaking the globe! We have products or memberships being used in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Japan, and many more countries! Interested in getting our program into your school or home? Now is the perfect time! Try Prodigies and watch the far-reaching effects for yourself!

Here’s Michael, a Prodigies team member, teaching a scale song to students in South Africa!