Prodigies In Action These Kids Will Amaze You

Prodigies in Action — These Kids Will AMAZE YOU!!

Mr. Rob

Some of the kids using Prodigies are doing AMAZING work, and we wanted to highlight some young musicians!

First up, we’ve got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sung in Solfege by a 3.5 Year Old. Solfege is one of the BEST ways to teach young kids the sounds of music, and we love seeing folks using the songbooks in this way!

Up next is an Incredible Pitch Test with 4 Year Old Michal! Look at how quickly he’s naming notes — even groups of notes — around the :15 second mark. It’s crazy impressive!

Up third, we’ve got the OG Prodigies Wunderkid Boo striking back with Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King! This is a pretty epic tune featuring all 20 of the Deskbells and Boo really took to this tricky melody very fast.

Batting cleanup on our list is this adorable Kindergarten Class Playing London Bridge! We love seeing classrooms like this one using Prodigies to bring music into the school.

And to wrap things up, this school took Prodigies to the stage with an awesome performance of Away in a Manger! I love how this teacher combined her choir with her Deskbell band — it came out great!!

Many of these videos come straight from our Members Group, and we LOVE seeing these posts go up there.

All these families and classrooms using Prodigies achieve a slightly different result, but it’s our sincerest hope that everyone using the program gets that chance to feel like a Prodigy!

It’s that feeling of playing a song you couldn’t a week ago – where your practice takes over and your body just starts flowing with the music.

And no, your kids don’t need to be selling out the Met to feel like a Prodigy! Performing a few tunes for mom and dad will certainly have them feeling larger than life, because, let’s be honest, the only audience that really matters to young performers is mom and dad.

So if you’re ever wondering how to give your kids a bit more of that music-loving-juice or how to bring more music into your home, definitely check out our 30 Day Free Trial or all the fun that is happening this week on!