Prodigies In Action

PRODIGIES IN ACTION: You’ll never believe what these kids can do!

Mr. Rob

We wanted to share some more incredible videos you’ve sent us!

It’s amazing what your children can do and we want to share some of these epic performances below (and leave some encouraging words in the comments section)!

– Mr. Rob

3 Year Old Plays Classical Music on 20 Deskbells


At just 3 years old, James rocks all 20 Deskbells with piece from our Colorful Classics series, “Prince of Denmark.”

You might not know “Prince of Denmark” by name, but you’ll likely recognize the iconic trumpet line (The Trumpet Voluntary)!

Watch James get into this more complex melody at:

2 Year Old Harrison Breezes through Pitch Test


Still in diapers, this wiz-kid’s pitch recall is outstanding! Harrison’s been using Prodigies since he was 8 months old and now at age 2 has become a master at pitch!

Check out Harrison’s impressive Pitch Test skills here:

Our friend Fleur rocking “Grand Old Flag” on Deskbells

Our talented friend Fleur nails every note of Grand Old Flag with her solid performance on the C Major deskbells. Roll out the red carpet and shine a spot light on Fleur, this girl is a star!! Check out Fleur’s performance here:

2.5 Year Old Sings Minuet in G w/ Colorful Solfège


Two year old Nathan will amaze you as he sings Solfège like a pro!! Nathan, otherwise known as the “Solfège Kid” has an amazing talent for reading music at such an early age.

Check out Nathan singing “Beethoven’s Minuet in G” with Colorful Solfège here:

4 Year Old Rocks Pitch Test

This 4 year old talent has been doing Mr. Rob’s lessons since her 3rd birthday. She graduated from bells to piano, harp, ukulele & guitar. Her parents learned she had perfected pitch when she started copying songs she heard onto the bells and piano correctly.

“This program was my savior when there was no other music program in my small town. I researched like a crazy person to find it and Rob was just getting going. My 4 ½ year old son now does the program too and we have a set of bells for each kid.” Check out her rockin pitch test here:

Sweet Jennika performs the F Chord Slide


Our friend Jennika jams with Mr. Rob & her Mom playing the F Chord on Deskbells! Great job with your harmonies!

Check out Jennika’s performance here:

5 Year Old Boo plays “Hall of the Mountain King” on Deskbells

We’ve got the OG Prodigies Wunderkid Boo striking back with Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King! This is a pretty epic tune featuring all 20 of the Deskbells and Boo really took to this tricky melody very fast. Check out Boo’s “Hall of the Mountain King” skills here:

Chia rocks out to Prodigies Theme – “Let Us Play”

Our friend Chia has become a rockstar on the C Major deskbells. You may recognize this song if you have been around Prodigies for more than a few minutes! Chia has done a great job at mastering Let Us Play on the bells. Check it out at:

Ben from “Maybe Autism is My Super Power” plays “Fur Elise”


Our good buddy Ben has an incredible ear as well… he’ll tell you the pitch of everything from your fridge to your favorite melody!

Ben has been wowing the internet with his performances for years on his Facebook page, Maybe Autism is My Superpower,

Just recently, he sent us this clip of him performing “Fur Elise” from memory as well – check it out at:

Amazing 4 Year Old Aces a Pitch Test

4 Year Old Aces Pitch Test!

Up next is an Incredible Pitch Test with 4 Year Old Michal! Look at how quickly he’s naming notes — even groups of notes — around the :15 second mark. Check out Michal and his super impressive Pitch skills at:

Noah and His Incredible Ear

Cute suspenders with a healthy side of absolute pitch?! Yes please!!

Noah’s got an awesome set of ears and in this video, he puts ’em to the test (on stage no less)!

Watch him wow the audience at:

And in case you missed it…. our Spring Virtual Choir!!

And in case you missed it, our Spring Virtual Choir video was pretty epic in it’s own right! It features dozens of you tapping and clapping with Sweet Beets. So whether you haven’t seen it yet or just need a bit of a pick me up, check out a world of cute at:

Have a similar video of your kids playing music?! Send it to us!!

If you too have some music loving kids who aren’t too camera shy, send a video our way by emailing Related