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Prodigies Lifetime (and Ultimate Kits)… Why so Expensive?!

Mr. Rob

One of the biggest questions folks ask us about Prodigies is, “why so expensive?”

That’s why today, we’re pulling back the curtain to look at the value inside Prodigies, why it’s priced the way it is, AND offering up some low cost alternatives (like our $13/mo plan and our YouTube channel).

Most folks who ask about the cost are looking at either Prodigies Lifetime or the Ultimate Kit, which are our biggest and most high-value products.

As a parents and teachers ourselves, we totally get it. Raising kids is expensive enough even before you get to the academics and extra curriculars. When it comes to nurturing your child’s musical talents, the decision is not to be taken lightly.

Prodigies Lifetime offers a comprehensive music education program that, while it may seem like a significant investment upfront, proves its long-term worth in more ways than one.

1. Long-Term Value Beyond Compare

Prodigies Lifetime grants access to a treasure trove of over 800 video music lessons, spanning various instruments such as the recorder, ukulele, and piano.

This expansive library ensures that your child can continue to hone their musical skills for years to come, offering exceptional long-term value.

Research studies, such as the one published in the Journal of Research in Music Education, have shown that early music education significantly contributes to cognitive development, enhancing memory, attention, and problem-solving skills – benefits that extend well into adulthood.

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2. A Cost-Efficient Music Education & Common Use-Cases

When you break down the cost of Prodigies Lifetime over the years it covers, it becomes evident that this program is a cost-effective alternative to traditional music lessons.

If you’re a family with multiple kids, private lessons, group classes, and the expenses associated with instrument rentals or purchases can quickly add up. And we certainly believe in private music lessons and group classes, but for some folks, it’s either too far of a drive, too long of a commitment or simply not possible.

So for some folks, Prodigies does serve as an alternative to music lessons (especially for young kids and beginners), which means the upfront cost is a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run.

For teachers and group leaders, Prodigies is a resource you can use in your classroom as often as you’d like. We’ve heard from teachers who’ve moved THOUSANDS of kids through the videos, and who have printed out THOUSANDS of pages of sheet music, worksheets, printables and more.

Whether you’re paying monthly, yearly, or springing for the Lifetime Membership, that’s A TON of value at a crazy good price.

And yes, there ARE lots of free resources for teaching music online, but Prodigies is a step above and beyond. Prodigies is color coded, animated, and WAY more accessible than your average music lesson. And because it’s arranged in a start-to-finish fashion, there’s no second-guessing what to work on or where to go next.

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3. Comprehensive Musical Understanding

Prodigies Lifetime isn’t just about teaching your child to play instruments; it instills a deep comprehension of pitch, music theory, notation, and rhythm.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your child not only performs music, but truly understands and appreciates it on a profound level.

Research from Harvard Medical School’s affiliated institutions has highlighted that early music education enhances emotional development, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence in children.

4. Tailored for Homeschooling Families

For homeschooling families with multiple children, Prodigies Lifetime offers a tailored solution. This program benefits all your children simultaneously, saving you both time and money.

Studies by the National Home Education Research Institute have found that music education plays a pivotal role in homeschooling success, enhancing motivation and engagement.

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5. Ever-Expanding Content

At Prodigies, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our dedication to providing more content means that your investment continues to grow in value.

We regularly add new lessons and materials to our library, ensuring that your child’s musical journey remains fresh and exciting.

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6. A Small Family Company with a Big Heart

Prodigies isn’t just a faceless corporation; we are a small, family-owned & operated company passionate about music education. When you invest in Prodigies Lifetime, you support a company that genuinely cares about your child’s musical development and strives to provide a personal touch that larger entities often lack.

Lot’s of folks think we should price like Disney+ or Netflix….and we DO offer that $13/mo option to try and accommodate those folks.

But what a lot of folks don’t realize is that those big companies don’t need to or even want to make money with their platforms — they’re in it for the ad revenue and to show investors growth and to acquire tons of users and user data.

We’re not in it for the data and we don’t share or sell our users information with ANYONE. We don’t show any ads, and we don’t have investors. So things are priced the way they are simply because that’s what they cost. Small business owners will understand this, but a lot of the world is so used to things being cheap or even free, that they forget that small companies and family brands like ours don’t really have that kind of luxury.

Furthermore, our customer support is A+. Our support team consists of music teachers, trained musicians and tech-savvy folk to help you with pretty much ANYTHING Prodigies related. And it’s not some outsourced company overseas – it’s us – my wife, my brother, my mother in law, and a few Prodigies parents and teachers.

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7. Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

In addition to our comprehensive program, Prodigies Lifetime includes access to a supportive community. Join our Facebook community and benefit from our five-star customer support, where you can connect with other parents and students, share your experiences, and seek guidance when needed.

In conclusion, Prodigies Lifetime offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, and valuable music education program for your family, grounded in research on the myriad benefits of early music education.

When you consider the long-term advantages, cost savings, comprehensive learning, tailored homeschooling support, ever-expanding content, family-owned values, and community engagement, it becomes evident that investing in Prodigies Lifetime is a wise investment in your child’s musical future.

So, why wait? Check out Prodigies Lifetime or the Ultimate Kit and take the step to nurturing your child’s musical talents today!