Quincy Tackles The Tooty Ta

Watch 3yo Quincy tackle The Tooty Ta: WARNING Cuteness Overload

Mr. Rob

A lot of parents ask: How long will it take for my child to learn music?

The truth is…it’s about the JOURNEY

Watch Quincy on his journey from curiosity to practical mastery of The Tooty Ta


What do you think? Did he master The Tooty Ta?

If that’s defined by ‘having fun’ then he sure as heck did!

Learning is always a process, but people forget there is no end state to a quality music education. Sure, playing at Carnegie Hall or winning a Grammy looks like a lifetime goal from your seat, but every single one of them learned to have fun with music along the way.

The reality is just engaging with music is good for the brain and great for the soul.

When Quincy looks at the bells you can see his little brain humming with questions. Purple? Yes! Purple!

This is what we mean by ‘The Musical Journey.’

Each lesson, each song, is a step towards a better and broader understanding of everything around him.

A brand-new version of the Tooty Ta that is perfect for sharing and bopping along to while doing just that – Having FUN!!

YouTube video

Watch the Tooty Ta on YouTube today to get your kids singing and dancing with this awesome movement song and Define Your Own MASTERY!