Small Business Saturday New Scope Sequence Announced

Small Business Saturday: NEW Scope & Sequence Has Arrived

Mr. Rob

This Small Business Saturday, we’re THRILLED to announce our 2023 Scope and Sequence!

Since we started making video lessons in 2014, we’ve grown from a husband and wife duo into a thriving team of 12 musicians, teachers and artists. We’ve grown our music lessons series to include more than just the original “Preschool Prodigies” to the point where we have lessons on a variety of instruments at a variety of levels for young musicians of all kinds.

And this year, to help sum up the curriculum that exists, and to give you a little preview of where we’re heading, we’re thrilled to share a MASSIVE update to our curriculum scope and sequence.

If you’re currently a member and using Prodigies, hopefully this document helps shed some additional light on using the program.

If you’re not a member currently but thinking about enrolling soon, don’t miss out on the Cyber Monday Lifetime Special happening this weekend. We’re just about 70 Lifetime Membership away from hitting our 2022 goal of reaching 3,000 Lifetime Members, so check it out before they disappear this Monday.

Scope Sequence 2024 Tall Image