Solfege Challenge Cover

Summer Solfege Challenge

Mr. Rob

This June, we’re looking for 25 of our Prodigies members to perform some Prodigies material for social media!

Simply record a short & sweet video of your young musician performing something from Prodigies (Solfege, Deskbells, Ukulele or Recorder), and, if you’re one of the first 25 videos submitted, you’ll receive a $25 gift card to Amazon.

This can be a fun way to motivate some extra practicing and a fun morning filming project while the kids are out of school!

To submit a video, you can either email it to, or simply upload it to YouTube or your favorite social media, send us the link, and we’ll grab it from there!

Video Requirements:

• 15 seconds minimum – 3 minutes maximum
• High resolution (1080 or 4k) cell phone videos are perfect
• Tall/vertical videos are best (but wide can work okay)
• Performances should include SOMETHING from Prodigies (bells, solfege, video or sheet music being performed, etc)
• Email the link or video file to

If the video looks good and you’re within the first 25 people to send one in, we’ll follow up with an Amazon gift card over email almost instantly.

Finally – don’t RUSH it in to be 1 of the 25. We’re only sharing this challenge with our members, and we usually accept a handful of late submissions anyway.

Below you can see some user generated videos to help inspire your video making process. #HappyMusicing

Some of our favorite student videos