Tastytuesday Fabulous Fruity Flowers

#TastyTuesday: Fabulous Fruity Flowers for Playing with your Food

Mr. Rob

April showers bring May flowers…and lots of fresh snack ideas! If you’re looking for something that’s both fun and healthy, try putting together one of these awesome fruity flowers! We’re going to show you one that you can do with the older kids and one that you can do with the little ones! And don’t feel like you have to stick with these designs. Grab a bunch of fruit (even veggies) and see what kinds of flowers your kiddos can create!

Fabulous, Fruity Flower
This flower is geared for the older kids because it’s a bit more detailed. For this snack, you’ll need the following:

4 bananas
1 Clementine
Green Grapes
Coffee Stirrer
Styrofoam Cup

We started by cutting our cup in half from top to bottom so that it would lay flat on the table. Then, we filled the cup with grapes and poked several grapes onto a coffee stir like a skewer. Lastly, we used our bananas and strawberries to make the petals and placed the clementine right in the middle. Check out our video below to watch this creation in action!

Teeny Tiny Fruit Cup

These teeny, tiny fruit cups are so cute I think I just want to set them up on my kitchen window instead of eating them! What’s even better is that they are the perfect little snack activity for toddlers. Here’s what you’ll need:

Coffee Stirrers
2 oz. Party Cups (or any other small cup or pot)

To start, have your child fill a cup with grapes. Then, have them stick a coffee stirrer through the middle. Lastly, give them strawberries and bananas to place at the top! It’s simple and sweet and the perfect size for those little hands!

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Thanks for checking us out on this Tasty Tuesday and, as always, #Happymusicing!