Teacher Feature How This Incredible Music Educator Teaches With Prodigies

Teacher Feature: How this Incredible Music Educator Teaches with Prodigies

Mr. Rob

We are thrilled to feature music educator, Andrea C. this Music in our Schools Month!

Andrea is a studio music teacher who teaches in Quito, Ecuador & runs

https://www.tarariec.com/. She is on her way to getting her Kodaly certificate and uses Prodigies to teach everything from preschool to piano lessons.

“I’ve been a music teacher for 6 years and have been using Prodigies for my classes for 4 of them, and it has been a complete success.
It is perfect to start a serious musical education in a fun and colorful way, especially with those students that haven’t learned how to read yet, they know their colors and can start learning music with ease thanks to Prodigies.
I think the reason my students and I love Prodigies the most is because they learn complex and abstract musical concepts without even realizing it, and they start making music from the first class.
I teach about chords, scale degrees, composition strategies, reading music, etc. to students as young as 3 years old! And the most amazing thing is that they feel like they are playing the whole time. I use Prodigies mostly to teach music theory and ear training.
It is wonderful to see how my students that start with Prodigies and instruments, like the bells or xylophones, translate all their knowledge to another instrument when they are ready for it ( I teach piano, guitar, ukulele and voice).
With this program, students UNDERSTAND music, and that is why they can later on play any instrument and read music easily.
– Andrea C. of Quito, Ecuador

Andrea has been a Prodigies ambassador for almost 5 years now and has even helped with Prodigies song ideas, sheet music translations and activities! We are so thankful for teachers like you, Andrea!

Andrea is a Prodigies expert and gives training on how to use the Prodigies program, and even does private lessons as well. Inquire about private lessons at tarariecuador@gmail.com

And in the meantime, if you’re looking to stock up on bells, bundles and books for your music room, check out shop.prodigies.com!

Happy Musicing!