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“Texas, Our Texas” & TMEA 2024 w/ Mr. Rob & Prodigies

Mr. Rob

Update: We’re so stoked for TMEA, we even made a video featuring the Texas State Anthem:

It’s almost time for our favorite weekend of the year — TMEA!

TMEA is the The Texas Music Educators Association conference in San Antonio. This year, it’s happening February 7-10th, 2024 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and we couldn’t be more excited!

This is THE biggest event we go to all year. It’s the best time for us to meet teachers, talk shop and jam new ideas in person, and Mr. Rob, Meteor Man and the Prodigies team will be there all weekend at Booth 1258 (right across from Quaver and not far from our friends at Rhythm Band Instruments).

Texas (and this event specifically) has played a HUGE role in the development of our curriculum. At our first few TMEAs, we got tons of ideas for improving the curriculum around creating Recorder Prodigies, developing ensemble ready Performance Tracks, and we heard first hand what kids really loved about the program (Sweet Beets, the songs, the yellow pants, Mr. Rob).

At our 4th TMEA, we got the change to run a clinic and lead some epic jam sessions using all the material TMEA had inspired over the years, which was a ton of fun.

And at our 5th TMEA, we launched Prodigies Academy, our K-5 General Music curriculum platform and we had one of the best booths in the entire event.

So to honor of the great state of Texas, we notated a free download for the Texas State Anthem, “Texas, Our Texas” in our colorful sheet music style.

Favorite Moments from the Booth

Being in the booth is a lot of "hurry up and wait." One minute, everyone's in training sessions and it's totally dead, and the next minute the training sessions let out and the booth is swamped with curious bell players, music teachers and Prodigies super fans.

We've had some amazing conversations in the booth. There was the time a woman burst into tears of joy when she saw Mr. Rob, mainly because her young child with special needs was so dramatically impacted by Prodigies. She didn't expect to see us there, and she literally bumped into me and then realized the connection.

There was also the time that we asked a teacher if she wanted to see our awesome new compose tool. She was NOT interested. But then she started asking us questions. And we answered. And then we asked again, "wanna check out the new compose tool?" and she said no. But we kept talking, and persistence won the day -- finally she checked out the new compose tool (which is awesome) and within minutes she signed up for a free trial.

We also get to hang out with the guys from Quaver Music, who at one level is a direct competitor to Prodigies Music, but on another level, we're all just music teachers trying to make awesome resources for our learners, and we had some great conversations about why we do what we do and life on the the tradeshow circuit.

Favorite Food in San Antonio

It's hard to think about San Antonio without focusing on the AMAZING food culture there. From the minute of eating some queso on the riverwalk, I knew the San Antonio food game was strong.

I've sinced learned though that Tex Mex on the river walk is just the beginning of the fabulous Texas Cookin'.

Off the beaten path, we found a place called West Ave Taqueria that is straight up legendary. Sure, they might blasting Mexican Dance music at 11 AM, and you need to speak spanish just to get a taco, but it's 1000% worth it.

Then when it coms to Barbeque, Pinkerton's is a MUST for anyone visiting San Antonio. The brisket and pork there is totally next level and that's usually our post-conference Saturday afternoon meal. You can sit outside around a nice little park and CRUSH some amazing Texas BBQ.

We also usually frequent Howl at the Moon on Friday night, not for the food, but for the live house band. One year we even got on stage and played a song or two ourselves, but normally once the night time hits, the open mic vibe yields to an all out party of pop music and greatest hits as performed by an insanely hard working house band.

If you want some serious bang for your buck and a bit more flair around the Mexican food vibe, Mi Tierra Cafe is a HUGE, affordable and super fun spot to grab some grub. The walls are lined with pictures of famous people who've eaten there and there's a ton of history in the Little Mexico part of San Antonio surrounding the restaurant.

We also had some killer bistro type meals at The Palm and Domingo Restaraunt and our stomachs and taste buds can't wait for another weekend of Texas food!

How To Find Us at TMEA

This year, we'll be back to show off new features from Prodigies Academy and to say hi to lots of our Texas friends.

You can find us at Booth 1528 right across from Quaver (in the elementary music area).

We hope you enjoy the Texas sheet music below and we hope to see you at TMEA 2024!!