Top 10 Music Activities for the Preschool Classroom

Looking for some fresh ideas for music activities in your classroom? Check out a list of our top 10 preschool music activities! We have narrowed down some of our favorites for you to try all month long!

1. Classical Music Painting

Pull out your classroom easels and paintbrushes and turn on some classical music! Allow your students to paint while listening to each piece. Play slow and fast-paced pieces for them to paint along with and see what each piece pulls from their imagination! Feel free to use crayons and markers if you’re not ready for the extra mess of paint that day. Check out our blog Top 10 Classical Pieces for Kids for some songs to get you started!

2. Instrument Petting Zoo

Gather up various types of instruments and lay them out for children to explore! Encourage your students to try each one and then have a jam session at the end of class!

3. Lego Chord Building

One of the best ways to understand the concept of chords is to practice building chords! Write the note names on blank dot stickers and place them on the Lego pieces. Print out this FREE printable from AndNextComesL to go along with your lesson! Students will match their chord Legos to the chord combination on the page. If you have access to a piano or desk bells, play the chord combination for your class to hear.

4. Glow Stick Drumming

For your next rhythm lesson, try this glow stick drumming activity from AndNextComesL! Give your students some glow sticks, turn off the lights, and get ready for a music lesson they’ll never forget! For the glow sticks, try using the short, fat kind that are designed to go on a string like a necklace. These kind are sturdy and are great for drumming practice!

5. Song Cube

Using a song cube is a great way to teach simple tunes and beats! In this activity, you’ll create two cubes. One cube will have a different song on each side, and the second cube will have various ways of expressing the beat. Have a child throw the first cube to see the song that’s chosen. Then, have another child throw the second cube to see what movements you’ll use to express the beat! Check out Pre-K Pages for complete instructions!

6. DIY Instruments

Looking for a way to incorporate some art projects into your classroom? Students will love making their very own musical instruments! Check out Meaningful Mama for some great instrument ideas!

7. Music Song Board

If you’re stuck singing the same handful of songs week after week, you might want to consider creating a music song board via Pinterest for your class! A music song board has multiple preschool songs ready to be selected and sung as a group. Just have a child pick a song to sing and get ready for an engaging Circle Time activity!

8. Muffin Tin Note Matching

This muffin tin activity is perfect for your preschool Circle Time! Place dot stickers on muffin liners in your muffin tin. Write the note names on the label and color each label to match the note color. Next, place a second muffin liner in each hole so that the notes cannot be seen. Choose one child to uncover a note. Once the note is revealed, play that note on your desk bells and leave the muffin hole uncovered. Next, choose another child to uncover a note and then play that note on your bells. Also, ask students if they remember the previous note that was revealed before. Play the new note as well as the old note. Then, one by one have children reveal each note hidden in the muffin tin while playing them on the desk bells. After all the notes have been revealed, review each note and then give each child a muffin to eat!

9. Johnny Works With One Hammer

Even preschoolers can learn to keep a steady beat with this super fun activity! Construct a hammer for each child out of sponges. Then, teach them the song Johnny Works With One Hammer while demonstrating how to keep a steady beat with their hammers! They can tap the beat on the floor, on a bucket, on their knee, and maybe even on a friend’s knee! There is a FREE steady beat print out over at Kodaly Inspired Classroom that you can use to further explain this concept!


Preschool Prodigies playground members can take advantage of our pitch recognition review games! Play these in your classroom to have your students guess the correct note! Follow along with Mr. Tyrannosaurs Rex and Mr. Rob for some pitch recognition fun. Not a member? You can see these here for free but we have loads more in the playground! Grab a membership and head right in!

Thanks for checking out these music activities! And, as always, happy musicing!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Music Activities for the Preschool Classroom”

  1. Great ideas! I like playing music with no lyrics for “Name that tune” and also playing with lowering the volume for “Can you still hear it?”
    I also like to make up lyrics for the moment especially for calming an upset preschooler. A song about scary noisy fire drills can soothe a frighten little one more than just talking about it.

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