Totigies: Volume I Has Arrived!

Mr. Rob

A New Ear-Training CD Series from

Volume I of Totigies is now available inside Prodigies.

Totigies is a Solfege rich ear-training series for pre-natal infants, babies & toddlers.

It features the angelic voice of Prodigies wonder-kid Caleb Lining (AKA “Boo), who takes your babies on a journey through arpeggios, scales, chord progressions & and even some chromaticism.

Produced by Prodigies Producer & Team Dad Michael, Totigies has the sound and instrumentation of popular melodic lullabies for kids (slow and relaxing piano & bells), but with an added focus on Solfege and progressions popular in the Taneda method for absolute pitch development.

It also features a bit of high information music and some more improvised chromaticism inspired by Rick Beato & the folks at Nuryl.

We’ve also released a Teaser video of what Totigies videos will look and feel like! They’re even easier and slower than our Playtime series, but because they’re just focused on the Solfege Hand-Signs, it works for people of all ages!