Will Online Piano Lessons Work For Me Or My Child

Will Online Piano Lessons Work for Me or my Child?

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With technology having improved in leaps and bounds in recent decades, families have become used to doing everything online. You might be accustomed to ordering your Saturday night pizza on a website or even placing an online order for all of your groceries. Buying books and planning a vacation online have become second nature.

What about online piano lessons? Maybe that’s a new concept that isn’t so familiar. After all, the idea of a child sitting side-by-side on the piano bench with an instructor is how most people picture piano lessons.

In fact, you probably have lots of questions such as:

  • Are online piano lessons like in-person lessons?
  • Can online lessons be as valuable as regular lessons?
  • Isn’t all of the advantage for online lessons for the teacher?
  • What can we expect online piano lessons to look like?
  • With life being so uncertain, is it worth considering online piano lessons?

These are all good questions, and knowing the answers to them may help you to decide whether or not online piano lessons are a wise idea for your child.

Are Online Piano Lessons Like In-Person Lessons?

Much of the instruction methods in online piano classes are very much like those that are used for in-person classes. For instance, the methods for teaching a student how to practice or for learning new music will look pretty much the same.

If your child was already taking piano lessons and is now being asked to switch to online lessons, then they will continue to work on the same pieces and techniques that they were already working on. If piano lessons are a totally new experience for your child, then it is likely that he will quickly adapt to this mode of instruction. After all, many students are now more comfortable and familiar with online learning than ever before.

Piano teachers around the world have already been teaching online for many years. This means that if you have a teacher who has recently adopted an online teaching format, they have many good examples from which to draw. This should help to make for a smoother transition.

Can Online Piano Lessons Be as Valuable as Regular Lessons?

If you were once a young piano student yourself, then you probably took lessons in the traditional manner. This can make you pretty skeptical with regard to how valuable and effective online lessons could be. That may be because people have a tendency to be resistant to new ways of doing familiar things. That can be especially true if you really enjoyed your lessons and got a great deal out of them.

However, chances are good that a lot of things have changed since you were a piano student. Many teachers have long since switched to an online format, and while it is different than in-person lessons, there actually may be advantages to learning online.

For instance:

  • It may be valuable for the teacher to be able to see how the student is sitting at and interacting with the piano on which they do their daily practice.
  • The online format often means less lecturing and more interaction.
  • Instructors who teach online tend to ask their students more questions.
  • Online lessons require students to write down assignments in the books rather than having the teacher do it for them.

Isn’t All of the Advantage for Online Lessons for the Teacher?

It may seem like that at first glance, but the reality is that parents and students gain numerous benefits as well. For instance, how often have you felt like a chauffeur as you ferried your kids from one activity or lesson to the next? Not only does this take up huge amounts of your time but also it uses quite a bit of gas and causes wear and tear on the car.

If you have been driving your child to piano lessons, what do you do while she is having her lesson? Many parents sit and wait in the car or while away the time in a coffee shop.

The beauty of online piano lessons is that you don’t have to do any driving. This means that you can stay at home preparing dinner, cleaning the house or just enjoying some self-care time. Think of it as your opportunity to read a book, soak in the tub, catch up on your favorite series or do some yoga.

When seen from this perspective, it’s clear that online piano lessons are a win-win for you and the kids.

What Can We Expect Online Piano Lessons to Look Like?

Without a doubt, there is a learning curve associated with starting online piano lessons. Accordingly, it’s wise to remain flexible and to keep your expectations fluid until your child adjusts to the lessons.

If you want to ensure your child’s best chances of success with online piano lessons, then there are a few things that you can do. For instance, you may want to assist your child to make certain that the camera and computer are correctly placed so that the teacher will be able to see your child’s hands. Be prepared to stay in the room with your child for the first few minutes of the initial lesson to ensure that the camera is appropriately placed.

It’s also advisable to ensure that the room in which your child will be taking piano lessons is kept as quiet as possible. Many of the microphones that are included on computers today can pick up even the smallest sounds, so it makes sense to caution your other children to play in another room.

Before the lesson begins, check with your child to ensure that he has all of the books that he needs for his lesson as well as a pencil for making notes.

With just a little bit of preparation, online piano lessons can be convenient for the whole family.

With Life Being so Uncertain, Is It Even Worth Considering Online Piano Lessons?

Although life has seemed more than usually uncertain over the last year, the reality is that life is always uncertain. While we have little true control over the world and the things that happen in it, that is all the more reason to establish a familiar and pleasant routine. Moreover, learning to play the piano can be a helpful distraction at a time when there is a lot of anxiety floating around.

Daily practice on the piano keeps the mind occupied, and it is nice to have the reassuring presence of another adult in the child’s life. This just reinforces the idea that while things may change and even get quite difficult, life continues to go on.

Are You Ready for Online Piano Lessons?

If your child is ready to jump into the world of online piano lessons, then you will need at least three things to get started.

Perhaps the most important component is the piano itself. A traditional piano is the common choice, but you also have the option of choosing a digital piano or an electronic keyboard. If you do go with an instrument that’s not strictly traditional, make certain that the teacher is aware of this before lessons start as this may affect how they teach.

Another critical component of online music lessons is a camera. Some students may use a dedicated camera for this purpose, but it is perfectly fine to rely on the camera in your smartphone or the camera that’s installed on your laptop for this purpose. Basically, any camera device that provides a clear picture and has sound capabilities will probably work.

The third thing that is essential to all online piano lessons is a computer. The computer is what is used to run the conference software through which the instructor can talk to the student and provide immediate feedback.

Some teachers may ask that you use a little bit of extra equipment. For example, it can be really useful for your child to have a tablet or iPad at their side during lessons. These electronic devices excel at displaying sheet music. Plus, your child’s teacher can send new sheet music via this efficient device.

If your child is learning on a digital piano, then the teacher may prefer for your child to use the USB-MIDI interface as it provides superior audio quality. Before lessons, take a few moments to ensure that this is enabled.

Get Started with Prodigies

Decades ago, well before every home had at least one personal computer, the only way to take piano lessons was to go to the home or studio of a local piano teacher. In fact, if you wanted to learn how to play any instrument, that was pretty much your only option.

Today, things are different. Even if your children aren’t ready to start online piano lessons, you can still introduce them to the fundamentals of music through the fun and accessible programs at Prodigies. Look through our online music lessons today to find something that will get your kids excited about music.