Worktogetherwednesday 7 Activities For Collaborative Learning

#WorkTogetherWednesday: 7 Activities for Collaborative Learning

Mr. Rob

In continuing our celebration of the #WeekoftheYoungChild (#WOYC19), we’ve got 7 Collaborative Activities for #WorkTogetherWednesday!

Learning to work together is important for a child’s development and social interactions!

Encourage your children to work together by using some of these collaborative learning activities in your home or classroom. We have included several different types of activities such as a Prodigies duet, Hula Hoop Phonics, the Very Hungry Caterpillar Numbers Game, and more. So why not pick a day or even an entire week to focus on working together?!

We hope these 7 activities for collaborative learning will be a fun-filled learning experience for your kiddos! Enjoy.

1. Primary Prodigies Duet

In Primary Chapter 1, Mr. Rob introduces a duet song that calls for two participants on one set of desk bells.

It’s super easy to follow because Mr. Rob shows how the bells should be set up for each player. Our friends Allison (4) and Boo (5) tried this duet last week and totally nailed it! Check out their video for some inspiration!

2. Hula Hoop Phonics

Grab three hula hoops and lay them on the floor in a row. We actually used hopscotch rings in our activity, but hula hoops will work the same. Make sure to have printouts of the letters of the alphabet as well.

One child will think of a three letter word and choose letters to form that word placing one letter at the side of each hula hoop. Then, the other child will jump in each hula hoop while sounding out the letters to form the word.

3. The Very Hungry Catterpillar Numbers Game

A counting spin on the classic–The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!

In this activity, one child will have a set of blocks or other objects to count. The other child will have a “very hungry caterpillar”.

Find the DIY craft here.

The child with the caterpillar calls out a number. Then, the child with the blocks has to count out that number of blocks. Once they have counted out their blocks correctly, the caterpillar will eat up the blocks!

4. Interpretative Dancing

Play classical music and have your children do some interpretative dancing! They will put on an entertaining show as they work together to act out different parts of the song!

Two of my favorite classical songs are Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Mars. Watch Boo and Allison’s interpretative dance of Mars by Holst (animated by Nnene’sParadise).

Try out these songs as well as some others found on our blog. Encourage children to work together and share why they like certain moves for certain parts of the song.

5. Art

Your kiddos will love creating masterpieces together! Pull out the markers, crayons, and paint and allow your children to make a beautiful creation!

Let them use their imaginations to create whatever they want to create.

Or, their art can be based upon a certain topic such as springtime, the circus, a farm, etc. Boo and Allison’s collaboration is a drawing of the universe!

6. Marshmallow and Toothpick STEM Activity

It’s almost campfire season! So why not take some of those marshmallows and build something together?! All you need for this activity are some marshmallows and toothpicks.

Tell your kiddos what you would like for them to build (a truck, skyscraper, tiger, boat, etc.).

Then, allow them to put their heads together to figure out how to construct that object! Or, let them create their own invention.

7. Build a Fort

Ever wonder what kind of fort children would construct if they had to build it all on their own? Have them pretend that they are having an overnight family camp out in their backyard.

They need to build their fort sturdy and warm enough to make it through the night. Provide them with some basic building materials such as blankets, sticks, logs, rope, etc.

Once the fort is built, they can accessorize their fort with items they’ll need for the night (food, clothing, pillows, bed, light, etc.). This is a great activity for critical thinking and learning how to work with others. Plus, they have the opportunity to practice their survival skills!

We hope you and your kiddos enjoy working and learning together! And, as always, happy musicing!!!