In celebration of President’s Day, we are sharing a batch of FREE episodes ALL about learning “You’re a Grand Old Flag”

Check out the FREE lessons, Sheet Music and performance videos below.

Video 1: Intro Lesson & Historical Context

In the intro video, we learn about the origins of the song and talk a bit about the historical context and how it relates to the period we’re living through right now.

Free ‘Grand Old Flag’ Sheet Music

Video 2: Easy Song with Mr. Rob

In the first version, we play a downbeat pattern using C D F and G.

Video 3: Easy Performance Track

Now try practicing the Easy Version on your own!

Video 4: Medium Lesson + Song

Learn about the upbeat in a more difficult arrangement.

Video 5: Medium Performance

Now try practicing the Easy Version on your own!

Hard Performance Track

Can you play the full melody of the tune? Challenge yourself in the above performance track

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