Making Memorable Musical Moments This Winter Break

Making Memorable Musical Moments this Winter Break

Mr. Rob

With 2-3 weeks of Holiday Break coming up, we’re bringing you LOTS of resources to make your break musical, memorable and fun!

Below you can find new products and resources from Prodigies, some free resources from our shop, and some member level PDFs, playlists and resources to help make your holidays as musical as possible!

Holiday Prodigies — Celebrate the Music of the Holidays with Video Lessons, Performance Tracks & our Holiday Prodigies Songbook

If you’re using Prodigies, our Holiday Prodigies series is the perfect place to go for singing, hand-signing and playing the Deskbells with lots of Holiday classics.

You can find the video lessons and backing tracks for Holiday Prodigies here

And you can find the full songbook inside of Prodigies here, or for purchase in our shop here.

NEW: Sing Spanish Songs in “Libro de Canciones Infantiles”

We’re thrilled to announce a BRAND NEW songbook from Prodigies, Mi Primer Libro de Canciones.

Folks have been requesting a Spanish language songbook for years, and with the help of Prodigies own Ms. Andrea, our team is thrilled to share this long awaited collection.

Expand your Spanish singing repetoire beyond Feliz Navidad this Christmas and check out Mi Primer Libro de Canciones in our shop or by downloading it inside of Prodigies here!


NEW: Play some family friendly card games with our NEW Bell Playing Cards

We played a lot of cards in my family growing up and we’re excited to share a colorful and musical take on some classic family friendly card games.

Inside the PDF, you’ll find instructions for half a dozen classic card games for kids (as well as some ideas for making them a bit more musical).

You can purchase the PDF in our shop or download it inside the Resources area of Prodigies!

Currently, these cards are just available as a printable PDF, but we’re looking into getting them properly printed and available in the shop.



NEW: Have a fun household Scavenger Hunt using colorful cards and a handy graphic organizer

Growing up, I used to LOVE having Scavenger Hunts. Sometime my cousin would make them for me, or I would make them for my brothers, but it was a screen free and fun way to kill a couple hours.

I’ve definitely been keeping that tradition alive with our daughter Lil, but setting up the hunt can be a little overwhelming at times.

So to make the scavenger hunt setup a bit less brain-busting for moms and dads everywhere, I put together a simple graphic organizer as well as a handful of colorful cards that you can use to make your next household scavenger hunt fun and easy.

You can download the PDF in our shop for FREE from now through Christmas and we hope it brings you hours of family fun!


NEW: Demo Some of the New Games We’re Building

We’ve been working on dozens of mini-games, as well as some bigger quiz type games, to make Prodigies more interactive than ever in 2023.

We’re still in beta mode and trying to find the best platforms and tech to make it all happen, but we’re excited to share some of the demos we’ve been working on below!

Press the Green Flag to start each game or reset it:  




Learn Hawaii’s favorite Instrument Inside of “Ukulele Prodigies”

With just about 2 dozen short and sweet lessons, Ukulele Prodigies is the perfect way for moms, dads or older siblings to learn more about Hawaii’s favorite instrument over the holiday break.

If you don’t have an Ukulele, almost every local music store will have some in stock around the Holidays as they make a great and affordable gift.

Plus, there’s 2 new episodes available NOW and more new lessons coming soon, so fill your Holiday with Aloha and learn a new instrument inside of Ukulele Prodigies.


Play along with our “Jingle Bells Virtual Choir”

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”- Elf

You can’t help but to get into the holiday spirit with over 500 Prodigies kids singing, signing & playing Jingle Bells together!

Grab your bells or get to ready to hand-sign with our Jingle Bells Virtual Choir


Free Sheet Music Downloads

There are also a handful of seasonal sheet music download packs floating around which you can download and enjoy below:

Free Gospel Songpack

3 Free Shop PDFs through Dec 31st



Free Training on the Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music

If you’re looking for more details around ear training and helping your kids develop a strong sense for music, check out our Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music above.

The tips and tricks in here will DEFINITELY help you make your holiday more musical than not with ideas for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids all!


Fun Apps for Music Loving Kids

If your kids love making music and you’ve got some iTunes gift cards to use, scope out some fun musical apps for kids below.

  1. “Musical Me” – This app allows kids to create their own music and learn about different instruments and sounds.
  2. “My First Piano” – This app introduces kids to the basics of piano playing and helps them learn to read music.
  3. “Music With Grandma” – This app features a variety of fun and educational musical games that kids can play with their grandparents.
  4. “Sing Along with Sesame Street” – This app features favorite Sesame Street songs and allows kids to sing along and play along with their favorite characters.
  5. “ABC Music” – This app teaches kids the alphabet through fun and interactive musical games.
  6. “Rhythm Cat” – This app helps kids develop their sense of rhythm and musical timing through a variety of fun games and activities.
  7. “Kids Music World” – This app features a wide variety of popular children’s songs that kids can sing along to and play with.
  8. “Musical Memory” – This app helps kids develop their memory and concentration skills through musical games and challenges.
  9. “Music Maker Jam” – This app allows kids to create and mix their own music, using a variety of virtual instruments and sounds.
  10. “Kids Music Playground” – This app features a variety of musical games and activities that kids can enjoy on their own or with friends.

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