Using Prodigies Lesson Plans With Your Music Students

Using Prodigies Lesson Plans with your Music Students

Mr. Rob

Ever get stuck thinking of what the heck you’re going to teach this week with your students?

You end up spending your own personal time coming up with new, engaging ways to teach material.

Well, when it comes to teaching music, you don’t have to spend an ounce of your free time figuring out what you’re going to teach.

We have it all laid out for you inside our Lesson Plans! If you are a Prodigies Plus or Lifetime Member, you can download our workbooks and Lesson Plans right inside our Resource Library!

They are also inside our Level 1A and Level 1B Workbooks, if you are looking for a physical copy! 

Each Prodigies Lesson Plan includes…

  • An Overview of what the students will be learning
  • An Objective to aim for that week
  • An Activator activity to warm up the class
  • A Core Lesson to focus on, including worksheets and sheet music to reinforce the lesson
  • A Performance to play through as a group or as assigned homework
  • A Summary prompt & review of the Lesson
  • An Extension, or final activity (or homework) to end the class with.

See? The hard-part is done for you. It’s all right here! Your students are on a clear path toward learning basic musicianship and real music theory. When you pop on a lesson or a performance track for the first time, you’ll see that you can do so much more with your time as their instructor.

Instead of being trapped in the front of the room, you’ll have the freedom to assist kids one-on-one. You’ll also be able to observe your students and decide when it makes sense to pause, explain and repeat difficult sections. And of course, you have the freedom to conduct and sing your kids through the song — all of the songs have Mr. Rob free versions as well! But if you’re uncomfortable doing that, we’ve got you covered!

We want to make sure you have everything to teach your students music. Hop on a call with us or send us a message if you want to discuss how Prodigies can best serve your classroom needs.

Happy Musicing,

Mr. Rob