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Prodigies Lite

Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and families wanting to sing, hand-sign and play with 400 beginner music lessons inside of Prodigies.

Prodigies Lite unlocks over 400 general music lessons for kids ages 0-12 that walk through Solfege, the musical alphabet, chords and so much more.

This is our most popular plan for casual streaming and early music lessons with Mr. Rob and Prodigies.

Unlocks PDFs and More Difficult Series

Prodigies Plus

Perfect for homeschooling families or front of classroom music teachers ready for more curriculum PDFs like workbooks, songbooks, lesson plans and more.

Prodigies Plus unlocks ALL of our video materials which include over 400 general music lessons as well as more videos inside of Ukulele, Recorder and Piano Prodigies.

This is our most popular plan for teachers and homeschooling parents who plan to print colorful sheet music, workbook activities and curriculum resources.

Prodigies Academy

FERPPA/COPPA Compliant General Music Curriculum for PK-5

PK-5 General Music Curriculum

Prodigies Academy

Our newest and most complete product for elementary schools and districts, Prodigies Academy is standards aligned core curriculum for PK-5 General Music.

Prodigies Academy is FERPA/COPPA compliant, cyber insured, and it integrates with Google Classrooms, Clever and MS Teams for rostering, time on task, student gradebooks and more.

Prodigies Academy includes additional resources, it's standard aligned for K-5 Music, and it includes student access for composing activities, aural assessments, performance oriented instruction and more.

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