NEW FREE VIDEO from Mr. Rob!

NEW FREE VIDEO from Mr. Rob!

NEW FREE VIDEO from Mr. Rob all about singing with the Solfège Hand-Signs!

It's a short and sweet look at the C Major Hand-Signs and is a great jumping off place for folks just getting into the world of Solfége.

Did you know that each musical note has a Hand Sign? These signs makes it easier to teach and learn the sound of the musical notes, and you can learn the first 7 in this mini-lesson from Mr. Rob and

The Solfege Hand-Signs give students a concrete motion to help them memorize and understand pitch. It also makes it much easier for teachers and parents to engage and play with the musical notes by having a hand-sign that's easily taught and implemented. This is going to help kids sing more in tune, sing with confidence, and memorize the sound of the musical notes.

Free Solfege Hand-Sign Poster

Free Poster Download

Help your kids sing more in tune by practicing with the Solfege Hand-Signs

By attaching these concrete physical movements to musical notes, you and your kids can develop a much stronger musical ear!


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