10 Reasons to Enroll by Sept 21st

New Lite Plan, 33% Discounts, No More "Preschool" and more!

1. Back to School Discounts

It's a been a summer filled with discounts and specials, but Wednesday is the LAST DAY for 33-44% off digital enrollment in Prodigies before we reset the whole shop September 22nd.

2. New More Affordable Lite Membership

We've introduced a new LITE membership that unlocks our General Music Level 1 and 2 videos at a new low price. It doesn't include the curriculum PDFs or other series (like Ukulele or Recorder) but if you're just looking for colorful videos to jumpstart your child's musical journey, this might be a good option for you.

3. No More "Preschool" in the Videos

Our company started out as "Preschool Prodigies" and many of the original videos still had that text in the intro.

This has been a long standing complaint of elementary school students and classrooms, and we're thrilled to announce that we have removed all mentions of "preschool" from the videos in hopes of making Prodigies more approachable for kids of all ages.

4. New Long Play Videos Coming Soon for Easier & Longer Practice Sessions

Because our TV apps don't yet support autoplay, we're introducing NEW video compilations that will make help your kids have longer prctice sessions with Prodigies.

5. New Harder Videos Coming to Prodigies Music Level 2

We've finally begun production of Level 2, Chapter 3, as well as a bunch of Ukulele videos as well, meaning that there will be more challenging material than ever arriving to Prodigies soon!

6. New 20 Bell Instrument

If you use the bell instrument on our website, we're thrilled to introduce a new 20 Bell version that's working great. You can find it on any of the songs that go outside the 8 C Major Bells!

7. News Hosts Coming Soon

We've been filming new videos with NEW HOSTS to help bring fresh faces and more diversity to the program. As a small family startup, this is a big step for us to be bringing in new actors and we can't wait to share the results with you all soon.

8. New Lesson Plans for Level 2

We're putting the final touches on NEW Lesson plans for Prodigies Music Level 2. These will help to explain the rationale, the best practices and the suggested lesson plan to run with each weeks worth of videos.

9. New Songbooks Have Arrived + More Books Coming Soon

In case you missed it, we've got two incredible new songbooks available! These have been a huge hit this summer and we hope everyone get's a chance to sing, hand-sign and play with these new books and PDFs this school year.

10. No Commitment or Contracts

Finally, you can enroll in Prodigies with no committment or contracts. And with 3 plans to choose from, there's an option for every family or classroom at Prodigies.com/enroll.