Exciting August Updates from Prodigies

New Videos & PDFs, Business Update, New Mp3 Resources & More

Fan Favorite Remake
Fresh Video with Pipes in C Major Update

One of our most-viewed lessons was starting to feel a little dated, so we got into the studio and churned out a seriously awesome version of the Pipes in C Major.

This is a CLASSIC Prodigies lesson and one of the most natural patterns for kids playing the deskbells.

We're thrilled to kick off our 2022-2023 production year with this fresh take on an old favorite!

Two New Songbook PDFs You'll Love

This summer, we celebrated Juneteenth with the release of a new book: Songs of Celebrated Black Composers. Then in July, we released our highly-anticipated Gospel Songbook! We're stoked about both of these books and we hope you enjoy them!

Prodigies Members can download them in the Resources area or order physical copies in our shop.

Less Physical Goods, More Videos & Curriculum

We've spent the last two years super focused on physical goods. It's been fun, but for a lot of reasons, we're excited to announce a bit of a pivot back toward more videos and curriculum.

We will still have bells & books available seasonally, but prices are increasing today (August 1st) and we're simplifying our shop to focus on our digital curriculum.

We've been trying to have Amazon like prices on physical goods and Disney+ like prices on curriculum, and in the process we've stretched ourselves super thin.

We launched in 2015 as a premium digital program and we're going to be pushing back in that direction in the weeks and months to come.

Price Increases Happening Today (August 1st)

With everything costing more these days, we're finally implementing a long-delayed price increase today at 12 Noon PST.

This won't effect any active subscriptions or orders, just new ones.

Lifetime Update: MP3 Downloads Now Available

We've been updating some of our legacy resources for our new site, and we're thrilled to relaunch the MP3 Download Hall for Lifetime Members.

Free Classroom Decoration Pack

In case ya missed it last year, don't start your school year without our Ultimate Classroom Decoration Pack!

Advanced LMS Features & Standards Aligned Curriculum in Prodigies Academy

If you're a K5 Music Teacher looking for standards aligned curriculum, Google Single Sign On, rostering, grade books, composition tools and student assessments, make sure to check out Prodigies Academy this Back to School season!

Level 2 Lesson Plans Coming Soon

We're a small family company, so as we are moving folks and projects away from physical goods, one of the first digital projects we jumped on was making Lesson Plans for Prodigies Music Level 2.

Look for these, plus a handful of similar Level 2 updates to come be announced throughout August and September.

Legacy Lifetimers: UPDATED Download Hall

If you're a Legacy Lifetime Member and recall the days of an MP4 Download Hall, we have great news for you -- it's back and better than ever!

Check it out inside Prodigies and let us know how it works for you!

Payment Plans for Prodigies Lifetime Are Back

We have had a payment plan provider attached to our shop for some time now, but we're bringing back our in-shop payment plan for just the Lifetime Membership.

Excited about some of these updates? Let us know in the comments below!

- Mr. Rob & Ms. Sam