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Prodigies Music vs Prodigies Academy

There are TWO different versions of Prodigies depending on how you plan to use the program.

Prodigies Play/Music is a streaming library of ALL 700+ video music lessons from Mr. Rob & Prodigies. It streams on your computer, your TV and your tablets and is perfect for families/homeschooling and supplemental content in classrooms.

Prodigies Academy is a PreK-5, standards-aligned curriculum for general music education. Each student gets a login; it is fully integrated with Google Classroom and Clever for SSO, and is FERPA/COPPA compliant. It includes built-in interactive (auto-graded) assessments, an interactive music composition tool, the POI tool (where students video-record themselves practicing or performing to videos or to their own compositions), measuring and monitoring dashboard tools, and many other LMS features. It’s designed for PreK-5 schools and districts.


Prodigies Music/App Prodigies Academy
700+ Videos from Mr. Rob & Prodigies ✔️ ✔️
Sheet Music/Printables Library ✔️ ✔️
New Music Monday Releases ✔️ ✔️
Streaming Mobile/TV Apps ✔️
Standards Aligned Lessons, Sequenced & Paced for K-5 Classrooms ✔️
10-15 content elements per lesson ✔️
Individual Student Access, & Single Sign On ✔️
Google Classroom & Clever Integrations (SSO, assignment syncing, rostering) ✔️
Built-In Interactive Assessments (and auto-graded in your gradebook) ✔️
Chromanotes Music Composition Tool Featuring 8 and 25 Note Bells ✔️
Student Video Performance Recording + Teacher Feedback Technology ✔️
SEL, Movement, Reinforcement & Cross-Curricular Activities for K-5 ✔️
Measuring & Monitoring Tools and Reporting, including Time-on-Task ✔️
In Classroom mode, and Remote/Hybrid mode ✔️
Easily customize courses, or BYOC (Build Your Own Course) ✔️
Works on all browsers and devices (i.e. is Chromebook friendly) ✔️


Start your free trial at Prodigies Academy here. 

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