Ambassador Portal - Making Money with Prodigies

Ambassador Portal - Making Money with Prodigies

Welcome Prodigies Ambassadors!

The Prodigies Ambassador program is set up with the intention to spread our wonderful program through an ambassador's network. We prefer that our ambassadors are Prodigies Lifetime members, or at least have been using Prodigies for over a year so that you really know the curriculum and can be a strong advocate for everything Prodigies! 

Bookmark this page because everything you need to be be a successful Ambassador will live right here...Forever! Below you can find helpful tutorials and resources to grow your income and overall Prodigies experience with us. In everything we do we have a mantra: "It's better to do a little bit well, then do too much poorly."

So, FIRST things first, make sure you have setup a PayPal account for your Ambassador Email - That's how you get paid! (If you were already an Ambassador this should already be setup.)

THEN, figure out what type of Ambassador strategy works for you and get your first conversion. Take your time to think about what strategies will fit the best into your teaching style, your lifestyle, and your networks.

NEXT, SING UP FOR REFERSION HERE and make sure you take a few minutes to become familiar with the Refersion Dashboard. This is where the "conversions" live and where you get paid! It doesn't matter what 'style' you choose if we don't get everything tracked properly!

  • Choose your sales/marketing strategy
  • Learn to Navigate your Ambassador Portal
  • Take it to the next level!
  • Contact Us

Choose Your Income Strategy

There are tons of different ways to make money with Prodigies Music from running classes to mass-marketing our best sales. It's VITAL that your choose one that not only will you be comfortable using - but will continue to use! Our best Ambassadors take time to build their networks and use weekly engagements to stay consistent and growing. Whether you are just sharing with friends or want to pitch our program to the whole state of Florida, consistency is key.

Remember: It's better to do a little bit very well, than to do a lot poorly.

Strategy 1: The Side-Gig - Seamlessly blend our offers with yours.
This strategy is perfect for full-time teachers and casual users looking to make money by sharing music with their families and community groups. Simply copy your unique URL from your Ambassador Dashboard and paste it ANYWHERE. You can send emails with the link, embed it into social media posts, or nest it on a website or landing page. Anyone who clicks on the link will have any purchase they make on our site tracked for 30 days, so the more attractive the context the better. For example, write an email or social media post detailing your 'Top 3 Favorite Music Resources' and provide a link to each. When people click through the prodigies link you make 10% on anything they buy!

Strategy 2: Exclusive Ambassador - Coupons and conversions
This strategy is for Ambassadors a little more savoy with marketing and sales. Everyone loves a deal - especially if it's exclusive! We can set you up your own discount coupon code to boost your numbers regardless of what's going on in our shop. Once set up, these codes offer discounts and track commissions just like the URLs. There's a catch though, we want Ambassadors with these codes to be actively using them. In the past we have had people ask for discount coupons, use them themselves and never use them again - don't be the one who buys a 12ft sub and only eats one bite!

Strategy 3: Districts and DOLLARS - Approach districts and Schools on behalf of our company
This strategy is for the Prodigies expert. Do you know the program inside and out? Well, schools and districts need a walkthrough. We will support you every step of the way with Demo accounts, Better Proposals, and one-on-one training, but we need a commitment from you. The income potential is practically unlimited but this is not for the causal user. Once we get you set up with Pitch Decks and Lead Lists we expect you to use them! This strategy requires Scheduling a Meeting with the Prodigies Team.

Navigating The Ambassador Portal

Everything lives in the Refersion Dashboard. Here you can view your commissions, your payouts, reporting and copy your referral link. Make sure you have taken a moment to choose your Ambassador Strategy to get the most out of how you're using your portal.

  1. Your Unique URL Code - This link is availble to all Ambassadors and is completely unique to you. Anyone who clicks this link will get a tracking cookie which allows us to track anything they purchase at the shop for the following 30 days. Each time they click the link the 30 clock resets. Anything they purchase on our site in that 30 day window will give you credit for the sale and add commissions in your Conversions Portal. (add anchor)
  2. Your Unique Coupon Code - Do you think you will get more engagement with a unique coupon code like MUSICLIFE or JANE10? If you reach out to me ASAP at and I'll get you set up. Remember, just like the URL whenever your code is used your sale will be tracked and added into the Conversions Portal. (add anchor).
  3. Post and Track Social Media - When you post a link from your Ambassador Portal a tracking cookie is added for 30 days from anyone who clicks through the link your share. Any sales made on the site in the period will be recorded and add a commission payout to your Conversion Portal. (add anchor)
  4. Customize Your Links - These options are for more advanced users aiming to shorten or disguise the URL tracking feature. These tricks track exactly the same but offer more attractive ways to post about Prodigies.
  5. Track Payments and Commissions - Your can view your Commission Rewards at a glance. For a more detailed record check out the Conversions or Reporting tabs.

The Conversion Portal is where you can check on what ads and links are working for you and how much they are paying! After 30 days conversions 'go good' and will pay out on the 15th of the Month.

New: Creatives

Looking for easy ways to boost your sales? We're thrilled to announce Ad Creatives!

These are essentially ads you can use on either webpage, app, or any other digital platform. Our team is making these and uploading them so you always have high quality, professional marketing campaign to help boost your sales. The Creatives will all look and feel like Prodigies -- colorful, clean & musical to boot -- which will help with consistency and congruency when folks land on our website.

Within the Creatives area, you'll be able to share the images and track engagements.

Plus, our team will be uploading Creatives for Ambassadors to choose from.

Take It To The Next Level

We're always on the search to work closely and invest in a small handful of quality this you? Anyone considering the "Districts and Dollars" strategy is in that category, but we also don't want to overlook Social Media Influencers.

Do you have a large (5-10k+) following? Send us your Media Kit and Let's Talk!

Contact Us

For general questions shoot the team an email:

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