Beethoven-Minuet in G Major Sheet Music

Beethoven-Minuet in G Major Sheet Music

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“Ludwig van Beethoven’s Minuet in G major, WoO 10, No. 2 is a composition originally written for orchestra, but was lost and only an arrangement for piano could be found.” (source)

Prodigies students may remember this song from Performance Chapter 3 where we played the notes Do & Sol. We’ve graduated to the melody and a fully realized harmonic structure. Minuet in G is written in a 3/4 time signature and has been transposed to the key of C for range. It features dotted eighth/sixteenth note rhythms and neighboring chromatic tones. There are two distinct themes, each 8 measures long. Play the first theme twice, then move on to the second theme.

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This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal…. she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted. I cried when she sang Solfege on the way to bed one night. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!

Jacki Walsh

Hi are bloody legend!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to fix my program – I truly appreciate it! Cheers from down under! 


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