How to Memorize Music

The greatest musical performers in history all had one thing in common. They had mastered the art of memorizing music. Certainly, musicians like Wolfgang Mozart, Carl …
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What are Music Intervals?

One of the fundamental building blocks of all music is known as the interval. What are intervals, and how can they help you better understand …
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FAQ for Piano Students

Are you or your child interested in taking piano lessons? If so, then you probably have plenty of questions. Finding answers to all of these …
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Sweet Beets Virtual Choir!

We’re THRILLED to share the first ever Virtual Choir from our Prodigies.com Community! Everyone did an AMAZING job filming, and it means the world to us to hear so many voices singing Sweet Beets!!

You all poured so much heart and soul into your recordings and we did our best to honor that in the creation of the final video. Check it out below!

TOP 10 SECRETS to Teaching Kids Music

Learn how to jumpstart your child’s musical journey and help them sing more in tune, understand music & play their first instrument.

With a focus on preschool & elementary school students, we’ll teach you the overarching principles that have made our music lessons a massive success with kids the world over.

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