Distance Learning with Prodigies

For schools and parents, we are honored that you chose to work with us during such a challenging time and we promise to deliver a world class music program right to your students living room.

But we know not everyone has the resources for more curriculum, and so today, we’re proud to share some brand-new resources on YouTube that you can easily share with any or all of your students.

Then, following that, we’ve got some more information about our Prodigies Student Memberships

What Is Prodigies?

Just in case you’re brand-new to ProdigiesMusic.com, Prodigies is a colorful music curriculum for kids. It gives parents & teachers alike an easy way to develop learners’ musical abilities through fun videos, activities & practice tracks. Prodigies combines a color-coded instrument with animated video lessons to give families and classrooms a no-brainer method for singing in tune, understanding rhythms and learning how to play an instrument.

BRAND NEW 52 Minute Video Collection on YouTube

We just posted a BRAND-NEW 52 Minute Song & Lesson collection on our YouTube channel!

If you’re looking for a quick, easy & free way to get your kids some musical activities, this is the video for you!

The first few lessons are a bit on the easier side (think preschool – 2nd grade) and then as they progress, they become a bit more difficult (think elementary school).

FREE Resource Round Up

Prodigies YouTube channel is here

4 Free Demo Modules (1 at the top, 3 clickable free modules below)

Free Star Wars Lessons

Free Baby Shark Lesson

Free Do Mi Sol Video

Free Beet & Shh Lesson

Free Coco Playalong

Or you can suggest your families check out our 21 day free trial at

Or check out dozens of articles on

Enroll Students for At Home Access to Prodigies

Active Membership Required to Enroll Student Accounts

Distance Learning with Prodigies

Many of our schools and studios are closing for the coming weeks because of COVID-19.

If you’re in this boat and looking to add some music to your distance learning plans, Prodigies has got you covered!

With our Student Memberships, you can enroll students under current account to create a Prodigies Team.

Student Memberships

Our Student Memberships allow you to give your entire class or school access to ProdigiesMusic.com and our TV/tablet apps.

Through our Netflix-esque platform, your students will be enjoy over 400+ lessons, practice tracks, listening games & printable downloads that make music lessons colorful, accessible and fun.

Your kinders and early elementary students will practice Solfege with the Curwen Hand Signs, while older students can play more difficult songs on bells, recorder, ukulele & piano.

~$3.49 / student per month with bulk discounts

What Our Student Memberships Do…

Our student memberships are an add-on to our core memberships.

Purchasing student memberships allows…

  • your main account to invite 10 – 200 students to access Prodigies
  • your students to access a simplified video dashboard when they login into ProdigiesMusic.com
  • your students to install and stream videos from our TV and tablet apps (think Netflix with music lessons)
  • your students access printable resources like worksheets, sheet music and lesson summaries
  • your school to provide a powerful music education experience by enrolling your community in bulk

What Our Student Memberships DON’T Do…

Our student memberships DO NOT interact with the Teach Membership beyond the initial invitation to the platform.

In other words, you as the teacher will invite your students/families to the platform, but you do not control which videos they see or don’t see.

It’s almost as if they signed up on their own as a family, but they see a slightly streamlined dashboard and don’t have to worry about billing information.

For tech-savvy teachers, we hope to one day introduce a more powerful LMS features.

For now though, this setup is a bit more streamlined in that you don’t need to start managing a whole new LMS or worry about a complex on-boarding process. You simply tell your students which videos to work on, and they’ll be able to search them up in no time.

5 Star Support from Our Team

Your students and teachers will receive 5 Star Support through our website’s chat bubble (bottom right) or by calling (302) 307-1997.

If families have trouble logging in, we’re here to help.

If families don’t know where to start, we’ll give them our best recommendations based on their age and the instruments they have around the house.

Not Overly Complex

To reiterate, Prodigies looks and works more like Netflix and less like a traditional LMS.

Your students and their families will be able to log in and start watching from their TV, tablet, or computer.

All you’ll need to do is communicate assignments.

Builds a Musical Community

Now, we won’t promise that your show choir is going to nationals simply because your students all binge-watched Prodigies during COVID-19… but it could happen.

Wherever your students are musically, we’re confident that by spending some screen time with Mr. Rob this Spring, your whole school will level up musically right in the comfort of their own homes.

Not sure how effective Prodigies can be at home? Check out these Prodigies acing some pitch tests!

Can’t I just give my students my login or send them home with the video downloads?

No. This is against our terms of service and we ask that you please abide by the rules of using our platform.

Here at Prodigies, we have a pretty simple and straight forward product.

With your membership, you have access to ALL of the videos and printable curriculum we create.

We don’t nickel and dime folks with add-ons, we don’t charge for separate courses, and we allow you to pause or cancel your membership at any time.

We also let you print as many copies of the sheet music, worksheets and lesson summaries as you need for your school, even with just the one membership.

The only catch is that your membership (be it a Play, Pro or Lifetime Membership) is only for you and we ask that you please abide by that.

This means no sharing of memberships or videos, as outlined in our terms of service.

Plus, even if you do try to share memberships, you’ll have students picking up where others left-off, you’ll get kicked off certain devices at random & you won’t be able to submit a support ticket if you’re running into issues.

What Students See When they Login

Students will see our new and improved student dashboard, which is essentially a giant list of videos to choose from.

You can check it out at:


Or they can stream from our TV apps, which are a mirror of


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